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Anti Theft Sling Bag

The Best Anti Theft Sling Bag Technology

For so many travelers, countless hours are spent both online and in-store looking for a bag that meets several different criteria. Just like the clothes that you wear, it is almost as important to a considerable amount of people that they have a carry solution that will look the part as well as achieve the security and safety standards that they expect.

For years, weary travelers were seen dragging luggage or burdened by cumbersome backpacks that were, honestly, clumsy and awkward to handle. Fortunately, the team here at ALPAKA was paying attention and working to achieve an anti-theft bag, that's eye-catching and effective.

Just like you, we were frustrated by trawling through pages of different bags, rucksacks, and poorly fabricated sling bags, so we decided to create something that we believe delivers more and in a much more efficient way. The demand for our sling bags was evident from the get-go. We launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2016, which exceeded all expectations and delivered USD 92k, and the business has gone from strength-to-strength since.

How To Pack Your Anti Theft Bag

With a small anti theft sling bag, you gain peace of mind in many different ways. Lockable zippers, slash-resistant Kevlar and cut-proof straps are all features that make our solutions the benchmark for safety when traveling.

When traveling it is common to try to cram as much as you possibly can into your bag. Naturally, you want to bring everything that you need and the fewer bags that you have to carry or move from one place to the next makes life a whole lot easier. It is worth bearing in mind that carrying too much weight can be detrimental to your body.

As such, it is recommended that anyone should only carry approximately 5 percent of their body weight or less when they are on the go and using a travel sling bag. Those that are planning on taking a backpack can bear a little more, somewhere in the region of between 10 and 15 percent. Exceeding such weights can result in back, neck or shoulder pain, which is the last thing that you need when you are away on vacation or visiting a new city or country.

In terms of good practice, it is worth packing a roll top travel bakcpack by placing heavier items at the bottom. This promotes better spine health and keeps the curve of your back natural. In addition to this, rather than maintain your camera sling bag over one shoulder all of the time, it is worthwhile shifting from one shoulder to the other, so that the weight is distributed over the day. Similarly, switching your small anti theft sling bag from front to back when possible is physically better for you.

Our Small Anti Theft Sling Bag Is The Ultimate Carry Solution For Tech Gear

At ALPAKA, our anti-theft bag solutions were designed with security as a top priority. We know exactly how annoying, disruptive and painful the loss of valuables can be when traveling and so we have created these bags to afford as many people as possible a much better alternative to the old-fashioned designs and fabrications of the past.

So, if you are planning a trip to another state, or abroad or if you are simply tired of worrying about your possessions whenever you are navigating the busy metropolis that you live in, now is the time to buy the ultimate carry solution for tech gear that will last you a lifetime.

EDC and RFID Sling Bags

With thievery on the rise that is not just physical theft, you need to have a bag that can keep your possessions and valuables safe. At ALPAKA, we offer a convenient and stylish way to keep your items safe when you are out and about. Our EDC sling bag (everyday carry) and RFID sling bag (radio frequency identification) can protect you and your goods.

We offer bags that are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Above all, they are designed with security measures that can protect your valuables both physically and through technology.

EDC and RFID Sling Bags Designed With Safety In Mind

With an EDC sling bag from ALPAKA, you can look forward to having lockable zips that are easy to use even when you are in a busy and crowded area. This can give you peace of mind knowing that important valuables such as your passport, credit cards, and mobile phone are safe.

Along with this, our RFID sling bag can protect you from anyone using technology to try and steal information from you. This could be from credit or debit cards, your passport or identity card. If these details contain radio waves, they could be stolen by someone with an RFID scanner.

By purchasing a bag from ALPAKA, such as the Atom X Sling bag, you will be able to keep your possessions, money, and identity safe. This is because it has RFID blocking technology built into the front pocket that protects what you are carrying.

Our Anti Theft Sling Backpack Is Simply Second to None

In summary, our anti theft sling backpack is an obvious winner because:

  • Its design is durable with a minimalistic sophistication that makes it appropriate for any situation.
  • It's fully travel proof, resilient to all weathers, and sturdy enough to withstand all action-packed adventures.
  • It has a built- in security system, a striking attention to detail with the zips, fastenings, stitching and plethora of pockets to ward of crafty thieves and pesky pickpockets.
  • Our meticulous manufacturing methods mean that we can proudly claim that our products last a lifetime.
  • This anti theft sling backpack is in the now, dead on trend and iconic.

Our business is based on the belief that we all have the capability to achieve. Our go-getting attitude has meant that we have be able to develop the most effective products for our customers who we value so very much. At ALPAKA we are designers, engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. But we are also, marketeers, campaigners, all rounders and adventurers. We are all about living life to the fullest in every way, through enjoyment and exploration but also by doing a job well done and making a real difference. When you purchase our anti theft sling bag, we are passing on this message to you. We want you to know that our brand goes beyond accessorizing and stands for much more. We say to all you adventurers, professionals and fellow pioneers to go out there and take on the world! Come and join our community and see what incredible things you can accomplish with our premium products.

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