Why are we using X-Pac in our bags?

With the new release of our smallest bag yet, the Atom X Sling, we thought we would take this opportunity to write a quick note or two about the new material we’ve integrated into this bag and its modular pouch.

X-Pac is a lightweight fabric made with several layers laminated into a single sheet. These layers are made of: - Nylon face fabric, - Polyester “X-Ply” mesh (hence the name) - Waterproof film and light taffeta backing with a water-resistant coating. The origin of X-Pac actually started by a company dedicated to making sailcloth for racing sailing boats.

The company, Dimension-Polyant, used their expertise and developed a unique bag material that was light, rainproof, UV resistant and abrasion-resistant. Basically what all bag makers look for in a fabric. Another benefit of this fabric is that it doesn’t absorb water.

The type of X-Pac used in our bags is VX-21 and X-50

Both types of X-Pac are ultra-durable and are the most technically-advanced pack fabric we offer.

See the table below for in-depth technical specs.

Washing and cleaning are easy - Localized stains can be removed by using normal detergent and lukewarm water. Do not machine wash. Rinse occasionally for dirt, with fresh water. Mildew can be removed by brushing the stained area with a dry stiff brush, removing as much as possible. Let the stained area be soaked in a solution of fresh water and mild soap for about 2 hours and rinse with plenty of fresh water.

All X-Pac material is milled in Connecticut, USA.