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Travel Sling Bag

The Ultimate Travel Sling Bag

Traveling today is a very different proposition to what it was just twenty years ago. The world has changed dramatically, and with a wealth of information at our fingertips 24/7 so many more people are learning about other cultures and feeling the need to spread their wings and explore new places. However, in addition to an expansion of knowledge, the technology that we own and carry with us almost everywhere we go is often worth a small fortune.

As such, given that nobody wants to be without their smartphone or laptop or tablet while they’re away from home, a travel sling bag is a smart, contemporary and stylish solution that affords its users so many advantages. For years, the most common image of those that were travelling from one city to another, or between countries was a person carrying a briefcase, suitcase or possibly equipped with a rucksack. Today, consumers place the greatest amount of value on convenience, and this has increased the demand for worthy new designs that can accommodate their every need without looking bulky.

Why We Set Out To Make The Best Sling Bag For Travel

Here at ALPAKA, we are part of the current generation of travel enthusiasts and recognized the need for something that exceeded the many benefits of past generation travel bags. We are a relatively new company, having started out back in 2016. We tested the potential for the ideas we had for the ultimate sling bag for travel by launching a crowdfunding campaign, which proved to be a huge success. Then, we raised USD 92k and had the means of developing and manufacturing what has quickly become the very best and most in-demand sling bag on the market.

We believe that today’s traveler can take their tech gear and essentials with them without having to compromise their ability to move or feel laden down by utilising functional sling camera bags. What’s more, just like you, we love nothing more than to know that our valuables are safe and secure while we navigate an unfamiliar city, or while we go about our daily business in a busy metropolis. Complementing these key features with a stylish travel sling bag was our ultimate goal, and our customers universally agree that we struck the perfect balance.

All of the Reasons Why You Need a Travel Sling Bag

The way that we travel can tell a lot about who we are as people and where our priorities lie. The more experienced the traveler, the more likely it is that they will find ways to reduce the space that they require for their valuables and possessions.

Once you’ve negotiated a path through a busy airport or train station a couple of times, continually alternating the hand that you carry your bags with, or apologies repeatedly for bumping into other weary travelers, the need for a more elegant solution quickly becomes apparent. Fortunately, there is a solution already on the market: our range of anti theft sling bags.

At ALPAKA, we believe that a sling bag is ideal for travel purposes. They are a lightweight alternative and compact enough to grab and go whenever you need to. One of the key benefits of choosing them over any other carrier bag or rucksack or backpack is that they force you to pack lighter and, therefore, consider exactly what you need.

How Our Experiences Shaped The Design For Our Travel Sling Packs

Who hasn’t spent time away from home and realized when the journey was at its end that they really didn’t need everything that they brought with them? It’s such a common thing for humans to do, to pack for all eventualities, instead of just being realistic and taking the things that you will actually need. What many people fail to recognize is that by taking more with them, they place an unnecessary burden on their bodies.

We live in an age where ergonomics is a word that has taken on a significant degree of importance. Whether it’s is in the workplace or in our personal lives, the way that way choose to lift, sit and engage with the world around us has a profound effect on our physical health and wellbeing.

As such, travel sling packs are the perfect choice to minimize the strain on your body since you are choosing to carry less with you everywhere you go. They are the ideal choice for anyone tired of experiencing back and neck problems.

One of the main frustrations that we took on board from our personal experiences as well as from listening to our target market is that there is an incredible amount of frustration felt when trying to find something in luggage when in a time-sensitive situation. We’ve all been there, and we all know just how stressful things can become the longer we go without being able to put our hands on what we need. We believe, and our customers agree that our travel sling packs make it incredibly easy to quickly access what you need with ease.

Traveling also comes with a degree of worry that criminals will target valuables. As such, we created our range of anti theft bags to deliver a highly effective anti-theft deterrent, which simultaneously affords you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your time in a far-flung destination.

Sling Bag or a Backpack for Travel

Naturally, given that travel can take its toll on fabrics and materials one of the main concerns that any buyer of a sling bag or a backpack for travel will have is that their investment will stand them in good stead for years to come. Here at ALPAKA, our bags are designed to look superb, afford users incredible durability standards and they also come with a lifetime warranty of manufacturing defects.

There are plenty of reviews from verified buyers here on our site that we encourage you to peruse. Their universal appreciation of such a high-quality professional sling bag that looks exceptional and delivers on all fronts that it promises is something that we are particularly proud of and thankful for.

So, if you are thinking about your next trip, whether it’s to another city or abroad, why not consider a different way of carrying everything that you need in your sling bag for travel safely and stylishly!

At ALPAKA, our sling packs for travel were designed for today’s traveler to deliver a minimal, versatile alternative that is multi functional for the office and travel. Videos and photos of each product, as well as a comprehensive overview of their respective features, are available to view right now and by signing up to our newsletter, you can access 10% off your first order.

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