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Anti Theft Travel Bag

Why An Anti Theft Travel Bag Is Crucial For Security

Travel is a wonderful way to broaden the mind and see the world through the eyes of other cultures. Today anyone can feel a connection to the world that they share via social media and get a sense of the incredible landscapes, feats of architecture and truly magical places that exist. It’s one thing to see them on your phone or laptop and quite something else to experience them in person.

However, so many people every year are the victims of crime when they are in a foreign land, or even a city that is unfamiliar to them in their native country. An anti-theft travel bag is an ideal solution for those who know they will carry valuables everywhere they go but want the certainty that everything will be safe and secure.

Our Anti Theft Travel Bag Is Functional & Durable

At ALPAKA Gear, we manufacture high-quality sling bags and backpacks that are designed to empower you to make the most of your time away from home without having to stress. Our business is just three years old, but we have already established our brand as one of the most trusted and highly sought after options in the travel market. We consider the world from the point of view of our peers - those who like to get away once a year or more to truly reap the rewards of their hard work.

Travel today is all about being compact without having to leave any of the essentials at home. Of course, you don’t want to feel burdened or looking like you are moving home every time you travel from one destination to another, so the style factor is important, too. As such, our anti-theft travel bag solutions are fashionable, functional and incredibly durable, affording you the very best of all worlds as well as a level of confidence no matter where you are in the world.

Cities are the most commonplace for thieves and criminals to strike. The practice of using a knife to cut the material in a bag to quickly and stealthily remove valuables from within is particularly troubling, since it may not be noticed by the owner until some time later. Our bags are designed to safeguard you from ever having to experience this.

Buying An Anti Theft Bag is Ideal for Travel & Everyday Use

Here at ALPAKA, we appreciate that some people assume the best in all people and believe that things will work out just fine whenever they travel. While there are plenty of those who have relatively safe and uninterrupted vacations, there are so many others whose downtime is spoiled by crime. We want to ensure that you don’t become another one of these statistics by utilising slash proof travel bags.

When you buy an anti-theft bag, you are not just investing in peace of mind. Eliminating the possibility of your valuables being stolen is a smart basic precaution that you can take without having to break the bank that can ensure the smooth running of your entire trip. 

Imagine a scenario where a thief slashes your bag to steal the laptop or tablet within. Fine, you can perhaps absorb the loss of the tech and may even have insurance to cover it, but what if in the process your passport, or ID or the keys to your car or home are lost, too? 

If you’re abroad, you may have to wait sometime before the embassy will provide you with a replacement passport, which may require additional expenses that you might not have planned for. If you’re in your home city, does anyone else have keys to your home or car that you can quickly access without having to call for assistance?

How Can An Travel Sling Bag with Anti Theft Technology Be The Solution?

What is travel sling bag anti-theft technology? It's a practical, contemporary solution that is ideal for everyday use, particularly for those that live in crowded or busy cities. Anyone that regularly takes public transport will appreciate just how close you sit and stand to others, with people regularly squashed against your back. Your sling bag allows you to easily adjust its position, deter any thieves from accessing it and its slash-proof design will ensure that you can enjoy the ride to work or back home without having to continually check that everything is still where you expect it to be. Our sling bag with usb charging port also allows you to use your phone while connected to an internal power bank but keeping your bag closed and secure so that you don't have to worry about thieves.

Anyone that freelances as a photographer uses a laptop or tablet throughout their day and, therefore, carries equipment that is worth a considerable amount of money really should invest in the protection of their livelihood in the form of a professional sling bag. The reality is that you are probably going to retrieve and stow these items many times throughout the day. 

As such, it’s important to have a degree of security in place to safeguard them as well as the photographs, files, and projects that you work on so that your reputation as a professional is protected, too.

Peace of Mind While During Your Travel Experience With Our Slash Proof Bags

Carrying tech gear is part of modern living. Whether you are experiencing a new city or going about your daily business, you are going to have a smartphone, a camera, a laptop, a tablet or countless other devices on your person. Having a cleanly designed, high-quality anti thef sling bag to stash them in as you navigate whichever metropolis you find yourself in is essential so that you can focus on your priorities and don’t have to stress about security.

Here at ALPAKA, our anti theft slash proof bag range come with a lifetime warranty of manufacturing defects. Customers in the United States will be pleased to learn that free shipping applies on all orders, and for those that want to save a few bucks and put it toward their next trip, simply sign up to our newsletter now, and you can tap into a 10% discount on your first order of our range of travel sling bags.

Since we launched our crowdfunding campaign back in 2016, we quickly realized that there is a huge demand for a stylish, minimal sling bag that is designed with urban living in mind. Our team is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and delivering these unique and sublimely elegant travel solutions in the most sustainable manner possible.

So, before you book your next flight, train or bus ticket, or set out in your car to that next exciting destination buy the travel sling bag anti-theft that delivers on all its promises and will give you every chance to look your best and feel safe no matter where you are, right here at ALPAKA.

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