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Multi Functional Office & Travel Messenger Bag

Multi Functional Office & Travel Messenger Bag For The Fast Paced Lifestyle

If you do, you’ll need a multi-functional office and travel messenger bag. Alpaka Gear have just the right bag for you. It’s sleek and stylish and looks and feels great wherever you take it – to the office, to the gym, to the airport, anywhere. That’s what makes it multi-functional.

Why A Multi-Functional Messenger Bag Is The Perfect Bag For Anyone

Messenger bags are great for using for work because they’re often compared to a modern briefcase. Although, it’s not quite as dramatic when you’re handing over a stash of money in the films. However, they’re a lot easier to carry and can often fit a significant amount more of your belongings in them. They can fit your laptop, your tablet, your smaller assets, and some can even carry a drone!

The straps are comfortable and ready for use in most situations. Even carrying your laptop and everything you need for work. The bag will remain comfortable on your shoulder with our latest designs and up-cycled materials. Because they’re carried by your side, they’re easily accessible wherever you are.

Our multi-functional office and travel messenger bag is fitted with all the latest anti-theft accessories, including lockable zips, slash-proof materials, and more. So, wherever you are, there’s no need to worry about other people getting to your belongings. They’re even protected from damage by the internal padding. Each compartment has its own zip, meaning you can keep everything separately safe without making the bag look bulky when it expands to fit more inside.

Our anti theft messenger bags are all hand-crafted and made for the everyday person. Ready for both urban life and outdoor adventures, they’re safe, durable, and stylish too. They come in a range of different colours to suit anyone and any occasion. We even offer free shipping to over 15 different countries as well as premium shipping from only $15.

Why We Created This Multi Functional Office & Travel Bag

We started out as two entrepreneurs wanting to make their way into the carry market. We had an idea, we shared it with the world, and amazing people like you donated and helped us achieve our dream through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Since then, we have grown massively and are proud to say we now offer a huge range of sling bags for travel to suit the needs of everyone. Whether you want a multi-functional tactical messenger bag or a small travel bag, we’re here for you.

We’re also working to help the environment with our bags. We are able to upcycle any waste produced from manufacture to reduce our overall waste and have recently been able to upgrade to more efficient machines which use less power and create even less waste. This allows us to decrease our power usage and having factories, offices, and accommodation within 0.1km of each other means that we can also decrease the need for travel. We don’t just want to give back with our products, we want to give back to the environment by making all the changes we can.

Why Buy Our Functional Messenger Bag?

Imagine, you've just closed a major deal at work, tucking away all the documents, your laptop and phone, ready to go for a celebratory lunch. Next, you arrive at the restaurant and although still suited up, you're looking effortlessly chic and stylish with your functional messenger bag from ALPAKA. Then, on the commute home you can relax knowing all your belongings will be safe and sound.

Sound like the ideal picture? Well no matter what scene we paint, the fact remains that our products are always there for you to rely on, to look and feel your best with. We know you have a busy modern-day life with an array of activities to attend to and our goal is to aid you throughout it all with our functional messenger bag. From starting out the day walking, cycling or taking the subway we ensure a safe journey for all your expensive tech gear.

Everything from our features, to our powerful statements in regard to our society and the environment right down to our flair for the industry make us trustworthy suppliers of this vital, dependable and contemporary accessory.

We also truly believe that you needn't break the bank in order to afford high quality items. That's why we also offer Afterpay as an option for our US customers, so that you can pay in your own way. Don't delay and check out our social media, newsletter and wonderful offers. We're also always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or our company and happily welcome your feedback!

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Multi Functional Office & Travel Messenger Bag

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