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Article: Best Christmas Gifts For Travelers In 2022

Best Christmas Gifts For Travelers In 2022

Best Christmas Gifts For Travelers In 2022

Looking for the best gift ideas for travel lovers? Maybe you need the perfect Christmas present for a backpacking buddy, a frequent-flying relative, or a globetrotting co-worker. Perhaps you even want something to encourage your partner to travel with you more. Whichever way, we can help you find the best Christmas gifts for travelers.


From handy travel accessories to act as stocking fillers to long-lasting travel backpacks and slings to impress your friends and loved ones, we have suitable gifts for everyone. You might even want to start ordering some of these products now to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Here are some of the best Christmas gifts for travelers in 2022.


Travel Sling Bag


Need something durable, long-lasting, and incredibly practical? A Travel Sling Bag is easily one of the best Christmas gifts for travelers in 2022. Many people travel with backpacks or roller carry-ons but need something extra to make their essentials easy to access yet highly secure. A sling bag is a perfect solution.


A high-quality travel sling like the Bravo Sling Max V2 can solve all kinds of problems for travelers. It can act as an airport personal item, a secure everyday carry bag for city travel, and even a laptop bag for digital nomads. It can help your frequent-flying friends breeze through airport security and protect their passports from pickpockets with ease. Plus, with durable, weather-proof materials, it’s a high-quality gift that’ll last your recipient for life.


Buy Bravo Sling Max V2


Portable Phone Stand


Every traveler needs a phone stand. Maybe they want to catch up on their favorite shows on the plane without craning their necks. Or perhaps they want a comfortable way to watch YouTube videos in their hostel. A phone stand can even help them take the perfect travel photos by propping up their phone in the ideal position.


With that said, many phone stands end up being bulkier and trickier than they need to be. That’s why the Nano Phone Stand is one of the best Christmas gifts for travelers. It’s functional for all kinds of situations yet portable enough to attach to a keyring or carry in your pocket. It’s also highly affordable, making it a prime stocking filler.


Buy Nano Phone Stand


Travel Tech Organizer


The best gifts are often the ones that are surprisingly simple yet make life so much easier. For example, take the Elements Tech Case. With its accordion-style opening, 12 pockets for easy organization, and even a useful carrying strap, it’s perfect for travelers. It instantly solves the problem of where to keep your cables, chargers, batteries, USB sticks, and more. It can even fit an iPad Mini 6.


While it’s great for traveling, it’s also extremely versatile. It can be used for work, school, or even just organizing your stuff at home. As such, it’s a practical stocking filler for pretty much anyone. Plus, it’s available in 8 different colors including black, hot orange, dark green, and more - just choose the one that fits your recipient the best.


Buy Elements Tech Case


Travel Accessories Bundle


Travel accessories are always perfect stocking fillers. Even if your giftees don’t use them at first, they’ll eventually become one of the most useful things in their traveling lives. But instead of just giving them a single accessory, you can give them three-in-one with the highly practical Nano Bundle.


The Nano Ink is a compact yet practical pen that’s perfect for filling out airport forms or taking travel notes. The Nano Blade is a tiny tactical utility knife you can take anywhere. And of course, the Nano Phone Stand is ideal for watching movies on trains, planes, and in hotels. These mini-accessories can be attached to a keyring, travel sling, or backpack and will come in handy countless times.


Buy Nano Bundle


Everyday Carry Backpack


Looking for a big gift for a wanderlusting loved one? Backpacks are always a good choice. Some travelers like to use their backpack as a carry-on whereas others like to have an everyday bag for their laptop, camera, and other essentials. Whichever way, all types of travelers can find a use for a high-quality backpack.


That’s why the Elements Backpack makes perfect sense as a Christmas gift for travel lovers. With a 24l capacity, a padded laptop pocket, a quick-access hidden front pocket, and anti-theft zippers, it’s great for traveling. Not to mention it’s also stylish and built with high-quality, durable materials. It’s also available in multiple options, including the Elements Backpack Black X50 and Elements Backpack Multicam Black.


Buy Elements Backpack


Shoulder Bag


Shoulder Bags and Messenger Bags are always handy for traveling. Whether you’re traveling with a suitcase or backpack, you can swing one of these over your shoulder and use it for your laptop, documents, and other essentials. As such, you might want to add one of these to your travel gift list.


There are plenty of suitable options, but the Elements Tech Brief 14” or Elements Tech Brief 16” are well worth considering. Fleece-lined laptop and tablet compartments, plenty of organizational pockets, and a comfortable padded shoulder strap make these bags exceptionally functional. Plus, they’re great for business travelers who need something stylish yet professional for meetings.


Buy Elements Tech Brief “14


Elements Cap


Not all caps are designed for travel. Some are too bulky or too uncomfortable whereas some simply aren’t designed for outdoor activities. That’s why the Elements Cap is one of the best travel Christmas gifts. Lightweight, packable, 100% waterproof, and sweat-wicking, it can suit all your traveling needs.


This cap can easily be folded into a backpack or quickly attached to a bag handle using the magnetic buckle. It’s also easily adjustable and incredibly comfortable. While it’s especially useful for travelers, it’s also a top-notch gift for pretty much anyone. It’s also available in various colors to suit your giftee.


Buy Elements Cap




Whoever you’re gifting, these are some of the best Christmas gifts for travelers in 2022. From handy travel tools to long-lasting bags, these can suit everyone from business travelers to digital nomads to weekend trippers.


These travel essentials are great for impressing your friends and loved ones that love to travel. But if you don’t already see the perfect gift here, you can also check out a range of high-quality travel bags, travel accessories, and even travel bundles at ALPAKA.


Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

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