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Article: Secure Travel Daypack For All Travellers: The Best Choices

Secure Travel Daypack For All Travellers: The Best Choices

Secure Travel Daypack For All Travellers: The Best Choices

Every traveler needs a secure travel daypack. Maybe you need an anti-theft backpack for exploring tourist sites without losing anything. Perhaps a secure camera sling bag is what you need to protect your expensive gear. Even if you’re just traveling back and forth to cafes with your laptop, you’ll want a safe laptop bag.

While the best everyday carry bag for you largely depends on your needs and travel style, there’s a secure travel bag for everyone. These bags will help you keep all your belongings safe, deter would-be thieves, and provide the perfect solution for your EDC needs. Here’s a guide to the best secure travel daypack for all travelers.

Best Secure Laptop Bag For Digital Nomads

Having a secure laptop bag is essential for business travelers and digital nomads. If you’re planning on traveling between meetings or taking your laptop to the local co-working space, you’ll need an anti-theft bag for your equipment. Even if you’re a regular traveler, keeping your laptop safe is essential.

The ALPAKA Elements Tech Brief 14” is the best shoulder bag for keeping your laptop safe. The soft-touch, fleece-lined laptop compartment can easily fit a Macbook Pro 14", or any other laptop up to 14 inches. It also features a fleece-lined tablet compartment along with plenty of space for your mouse, keyboard, chargers, and other gear.

Quick-access pockets make it easy to grab anything you need. It also features a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it like a briefcase, sling bag, messenger bag, or even in front of you for extra security. Plus, with extra padding in the strap, you can carry your gear all day without getting uncomfortable.

Lockable zippers make it easy to secure your items. But since it’s so light and easy to carry, you can always keep a hand on your gear while you’re on public transport or walking to the local coffee shop. Need more space? You can also get the ALPAKA Elements Tech Brief 16" for carrying laptops up to 16 inches. 

Best Secure Daypack For Air Travel

When you’re constantly going in and out of airports, it’s important to have a small bag you can use as a personal item. Backpackers often struggle to have easy access to their passports, chargers, and other essentials. Taking a backpack in addition to a suitcase can also feel cumbersome when you’re trying to get through security or quickly grab your ticket.

That’s why the Bravo Sling Max Multicam Black is the ideal carry-on daypack. The padded shoulder strap lets you carry it on your front so you can grab your essentials in seconds. The larger compartment is large enough for your toiletries, camera, portable games console, and more. You can even fit a 14” MacBook Pro in the padded laptop sleeve.

These easy-access compartments make getting through security lines a breeze. You can empty your pockets into your sling bag and take out your electronics and liquids hassle-free. Plus, lockable zippers mean that your belongings will be safe in long queues. It’s also compact enough to fit under your seat or even keep on your lap while you’re flying.

The great thing about the Bravo Sling Max Multicam Black is that it can work with any travel system. You can carry it as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag in addition to a backpack. You can also use it alongside a suitcase. If you want something even smaller, try the Bravo Sling Mini - large enough for a Nintendo Switch or iPad Mini along with your daily essentials.

Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Tourists

If you’re traveling around busy tourist destinations, an anti-theft backpack is a must. Pickpocketing and petty theft are common concerns in busy locations. For instance, statistics show that a quarter of crime reports from tourists in Barcelona in 2018 were related to theft. Fortunately, the right bag will keep you safe.

The Elements Backpack from ALPAKA is the perfect EDC backpack for keeping your belongings safe. With waterproof, lockable YKK zippers, you won’t need to worry about the weather or opportunist thieves. 

It also features a hidden front pocket, giving you quick access to the things you need without giving access to pickpockets. Plus, with high-quality ripstop nylon lining, your bag will be just as durable as it is safe.

The Elements Backpack isn’t just great for tourism. Its huge 24l capacity means you can use it for work, school, and all your other everyday needs. It’s even large enough to fit enough clothes for a weekend trip while still being small enough to act as a carry-on or personal item.

Best Secure Travel Daypack Overall

Different bags suit different needs. But what’s the overall best secure travel daypack for travelers? If you’re looking for an everyday carry bag with a large capacity, plenty of security features, and multiple carry options, it’s hard to beat the Bravo Sling Max V2.

With a padded shoulder strap and carry handle, you can carry the Bravo Sling Max V2 like a backpack, shoulder bag, waist bag, or briefcase. It’s compact enough to store under your seat while taking public transport yet handy enough to hang on a tray table for easy access to your belongings.

With an impressive 10l capacity you can store everything you need and more. Padded laptop and tablet compartments allow you to fit up to a 14” MacBook Pro, a 12.9” tablet, and even an e-reader for long journeys. The hidden back compartment is ideal for valuables.

The main compartment has more than enough space for chargers, accessories, toiletries, cameras, a GoPro, headphones, portable consoles, and anything else you might need on your travels. Plus, lockable zippers, premium materials, and a secure shoulder strap give you all the security you need.


Whether you’re a backpacker, business traveler, digital nomad, weekend tourist, or anything in between, there’s a secure travel daypack for every style of travel. Investing in a high-quality EDC bag with durable materials and extra security features will give you the peace of mind to traverse new destinations without worrying about being a target of theft.

ALPAKA provides an everyday carry solution for everyone. We offer worldwide shipping and you can even receive 10% off your first order. Visit our online store to check out our range of premium travel bags.


Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

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