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Shift Backpack

Style and Class with Our Shift Backpack

It is a timeless piece of minimalist fabrication that is skilfully engineered to not only offer you optimum functionality but also, secure storage solutions. With several convenient compartments, pockets in all the right places and finished with first-class features our cutting-edge shift backpack is your perfect travel essential. It's also doubles as an everyday, weekend and adventure carrier. There to aid, support and carry you through all your exciting endeavours and riveting retreats. ALPAKA is a company proud of its devotion to fashionable finery that is the epitome of practicality.

Shift Backpack: A Dependable Travel Companion

The backpack is the mother of all carry equipment. Its laidback and comfortable yet sturdy feel means that we rely on it time and again. Our approach encapsulates these quintessential qualities and teams them with an attractive, slick aesthetic. Think of yourself as a cosmopolitan warrior, taking on the bastions of the metropolis, the wilderness of the modern day. You need an armour that's slash proof, well fitted, bold and strong. Our shift backpack is this very cladding you need, an outside-in protection and storage unit all in one, guarding what you value most. Additionally, although you may not need to pack your entire household, you'll certainly feel like the king of weekend getaways as you safely fasten away all those necessities for all the many enjoyable exploits you'll encounter.

What's more, is that with our stunning shift backpack you won't have to worry about the ravages of time bringing undone stitches, worn down materials, broken straps or any such defect as our manufacturing eliminates these typical faults, making our bags built to last.

Packing is often a trying task that causes a lot of stress. However, our discreet sectioning system not only increases the bag's security but also, acts as its own sort of checklist. It reminds you to pack right down to those smaller essentials. You'll find that beautifully, everything has its own place and this will make packing less worrisome and time consuming. Upon arrival at your destination or throughout your action-packed day you'll find that all your belongings although tightly stowed away are easily accessible and quick to locate.

A Business with a Big Heart

ALPAKA's core values embody the dedication of the two inquisitive, intelligent individuals who launched the company. Basically, our approach is a combination of resilience and empathy to encourage you to continue on through the difficulties to come out on top. This is then merged with an honest passion for sustainability not just for our products, but for the state of our world. And we do it all by putting you, our customers, first.

Like the very foundations and designs of our bags, we may be straightforward but we're tenacious and made to last. You should put your trust in us because we have a genuine enthusiasm for the industry, the science, the market, the product and most importantly the improvement of the lives of our customers. Simply explore and see all the incredible things one of our shift backpacks could do for you! Never hesitate to contact us with any extra information you may require. We're always on hand to help and know that our packs always have your back.

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Shift Backpack

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