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Article: Top 5 Sustainable Travel Products For Earth Month

Top 5 Sustainable Travel Products For Earth Month

Top 5 Sustainable Travel Products For Earth Month

Earth Month makes us all more conscious of the choices we make and how they affect the planet. And whether you’re a digital nomad, a frequent business traveler, or just someone who likes to take a holiday now and then, you might want to invest in some sustainable travel products.

Sustainable travel products have many benefits for eco-conscious travelers. They’re made with long-lasting, eco-friendly materials, helping users reduce waste. They’re also shipped in recyclable packaging, avoiding the harm of single-use plastics. You can also choose to buy from brands that contribute their earnings to environmental organizations.

So what are the best sustainable travel products for Earth Month? Here are 5 choices that will improve your future travels.

Top 5 Sustainable Travel Products

1. Best Sustainable Travel Sling: Bravo X Sling Dark Green

Whether you’re a city tripper, travel photographer, business traveler, or any other kind of traveler, getting a sling bag for travel will make all your journeys easier. A convenient sling bag can keep all your essentials secure and act as your daily carry bag. It can also make getting through airport security much faster as it gives you quick access to your laptop and essentials.

Various high-quality sling bags are available, but the Bravo X Sling Dark Green (Limited Edition) is perfect for eco-conscious travelers. It’s made with  X-Pac® VX21 (100% climate neutral and made with partly recycled parts) fabrics that are waterproof, weatherproof, and highly durable. These materials will hold up for years, keeping all your travel accessories, gadgets, and other essentials secure.

The Bravo X Sling gives you 6L of organizational storage space - enough for chargers, passports, phones, gadgets, toiletries, accessories, and even an 11" iPad Pro or Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for more space, you can also check out the stylish Bravo Sling Max Dark Green (Limited Edition) - a durable 10L sling bag with enough space for a 14” notebook.

Buy Bravo X Sling Dark Green (Limited Edition)

2. Best Sustainable Travel Backpack: Elements Backpack

Backpacks are common offenders when it comes to waste. Many are built with low-quality materials and insufficient stitching, meaning they often fall apart when travelers try to pack them with everything they need. What’s more, they’re often hard to recycle due to their many parts, meaning they end up in a landfill.

Fortunately, you can counteract this problem by buying a sustainable travel backpack that’s built to last. The Shift Pack V2 is perfect as it’s made with durable materials and our most ecofriendly fabric: ECOPAK™. 

ECOPAK™ is the world’s only durable and waterproof fabric made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film. Each yard upcycles about 20 plastic water bottles into durable technical textiles.

Travelers will find the 35L of organizational storage space incredibly useful. It features secure compartments for your laptop and tablet, a hidden compartment for valuables, inner pockets for all your accessories, and a large main compartment for clothes and larger items. Even if you’re not traveling soon, you can use this bag for work, studying, or even just home organization.

Buy Shift Pack V2

3. Best Sustainable Tech Organizer: Elements Tech Case

Tech organizers always come in clutch when traveling. These handy cases and bags keep all your gadgets and accessories safe and organized. You can easily fit them into your sling bag or backpack and take them out when you need them. You can take your tech organizer when doing remote work or even leave it on your bedside table for easy access to your gadgets.

When it comes to sustainable tech organizers, the Elements Tech Case (also made with ECOPAK™ fabric) is ideal. Sturdily built with high-quality fabrics, you can rely on this case for years to come. It features 12 cleverly-designed pockets for all your gadgets and accessories and even has enough space for an iPad Mini 6. You can also use it as a sling bag with the included carry strap.

Not only is the Elements Tech Case great for digital nomads and business travelers, but you can also use it in your daily life. If you need something to organize your office gadgets or even a home organizer, it’s an excellent companion. It’s available in various colors and fabrics to suit your style. You can also check out the Elements Tech Case Mini ECOPAK™ and Eco-Edition (made with recycled X-Pac® RX30) if you need something smaller.

Buy Elements Tech Case

4. Best Sustainable Travel Wallet: ARK Bifold Wallet

Travel wallets should be sleek, light, and highly functional. Even if you already have a wallet, an extra travel wallet is great for storing your travel money, cards, receipts, and tickets. And if you’re looking for a durable, sustainable, option, the ARK Bifold Wallet is ideal for all your traveling needs.

Not only is the ARK Bifold Wallet subtle and stylish, but it’s also one of the best sustainable travel products. It’s made with high-quality X-Pac® VX21 fabrics that are weatherproof, UV proof, RFID protected, and 100% climate neutral. They’re also incredibly sturdy so you won’t need to worry about your wallet ending up in the trash.

The wallet offers a simple layout with 5 card slots and a dedicated cash slot. It’s great for those who want a small and light wallet for carrying cash during their daily travels. If you need something for your passport and boarding pass, the ARK Passport Sleeve is the perfect companion. You could also check out the Zip Cardholder - a sealable wallet with YKK aqua guard zippers.

Buy ARK Bifold Wallet

5. Best Sustainable Travel Pouch: HUB Pouch

When you’re traveling, it’s easy to lose small items. Even if you have a trusty backpack or sling bag, you might want something smaller for carrying things like keys, coins, cables, and cosmetics. That’s why you should always have at least one travel pouch - although getting a few never hurts.

The HUB Pouch is a light and portable organizational pouch that’s perfect for storing your travel essentials. You could use it for torches, tools, and coins. Alternatively, you could use it as a mini cosmetics bag. You could also use it as a mini tech organizer, a spare travel wallet, or for storing SD cards and USB sticks.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And one of the best things about the HUB Pouch is that it comes in a variety of durable materials. The HUB Pouch - Eco RX30 Edition is 100% recycled and is also lightweight, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant.

Buy HUB Pouch - Eco RX30 Edition


You can use all kinds of sustainable travel tips to travel responsibly and reduce your environmental impact, but buying eco-friendly travel products from reliable brands is a good way to start. These are five of the best sustainable travel products you can buy this Earth Month, but you’ll find plenty of other great options at ALPAKA.


Photo by Jean Lakosnyk on Unsplash

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