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Article: Earth Day 2023: 5 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Habits To Adopt

Earth Day 2023: 5 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Habits To Adopt

Earth Day 2023: 5 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Habits To Adopt

As Earth Day 2023 approaches, many people will be considering how they can reduce their environmental impact, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and improve the world around them. Getting involved in events, donating to environmental organizations, and spreading awareness can all help. But one of the most meaningful changes you can make is to adopt the best eco-friendly lifestyle habits.

Reducing environmental harm lasts long beyond Earth Day or Earth Month. With that said, right now is an excellent time to consider the small things you do each day that can have a significant impact over the years. Some simple lifestyle tweaks can have huge benefits for the environment, as well as your life in general. Here are 5 eco-friendly lifestyle habits to adopt for Earth Day 2023.

1. Avoid Single-Use Plastics

One of the most impactful eco-friendly lifestyle habits to adopt is to stop using single-use plastics. The vast majority of disposable plastic items are incredibly harmful to the environment. These items don’t biodegrade, and when they’re not taking space in landfills they end up polluting water sources or being burned and polluting the air we breathe.

The best way to avoid these problems is to avoid using single-use plastics altogether. It can be easier said than done, but there are many small steps you can take. Buying a reusable water bottle and drinking from taps and fountains helps reduce waste from plastic water bottles. Reusable drinking straws, reusable bags, and storing food with paper or foil can help.

It can be hard to avoid single-use plastics entirely when many businesses still use them daily. However, even the companies you choose to buy from can have an impact. Choosing brands that focus on sustainability and use eco-friendly packaging can help you reduce environmental waste.

2. Reduce Your Energy Usage

Another one of the best eco-friendly lifestyle habits to adopt is to reduce your energy usage. Gradually using less energy doesn’t just help you save money on your energy bills - it can help the environment in various ways. In addition to reducing the demand for fossil fuels, it helps lower Greenhouse Gas emissions and helps you live more sustainably.

Various tips and tricks can help you lower your energy usage. Fitting energy-efficient light bulbs and investing in eco-friendly appliances can have a significant impact. Turning off electronics when you’re not using them can also be incredibly helpful. Heating often takes the most energy, so insulating your home, turning off the heater, and using the tumble dryer and dishwasher less frequently are also good ideas.

As you start to implement these small changes into your life, you’ll notice your energy bills dropping drastically. In turn, you’ll also reduce your environmental impact. Some people even invest in smart technology to help monitor their energy use and reduce it regularly. You shouldn’t just reduce your energy use at home, either. Using less energy at hotels and holiday apartments can also be exceptionally helpful.

3. Conserve Water

Water conservation can also help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Using less water can reduce the strain on local water supplies and the distribution systems that deliver them. Water-saving techniques can also prevent water shortages and the harmful impacts they have. Additionally, using less water can even help you save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Conserving water doesn’t mean you need to avoid showering or stop taking baths. However, leaving the shower or faucet running less often whenever you’re bathing, brushing your teeth, or even washing your hands can help. It also helps to collect and reuse water for things like watering plants or even for flushing your toilet.

Appliances that use a lot of water, such as your washing machine and dishwasher, often have the biggest impact. Saving your laundry and doing larger loads can help you significantly reduce water waste. The same applies to washing your dishes. You might even want to clean small loads of dishes and cutlery in a single dishwashing tub instead of using a dishwasher.

4. Learn How To Travel Sustainably

Adapting the methods of transport you use is another good way to reduce your environmental impact. It’s no secret that emissions from cars and motorbikes are among the biggest contributors to air pollution. Some busy cities suffer from extremely high PM2.5 levels due to traffic congestion, affecting the health of residents as well as the environment.

Taking fewer car rides is one of the best eco-friendly lifestyle habits you can adopt. Taking public transport to work or cycling to improve your health is a great start. Even if you need to drive to work, try using eco-friendly methods of transport for shorter journeys such as trips to the shop or coffee runs.

The daily transport methods you choose will have the biggest impact, but you should also use the best sustainable travel tips for your future holidays. Choosing efficient modes of transport, avoiding single-use items, and investing in eco-friendly travel products can help you become a more responsible traveler.

5. Buy Sustainable Products For Your Daily Life

Learning to reduce and reuse the products you buy goes a long way to living sustainably. Naturally, avoiding disposable products helps with this. However, you should also avoid low-quality products that are likely to break or get damaged, ultimately ending up in the trash. This applies to everything from bottles to containers to cutlery.

The bags you use are especially important. Instead of single-use plastic carry bags, invest in a sustainable tote. You can use it for shopping, day trips, laundry, and all kinds of other everyday needs. Instead of using a mediocre backpack until it breaks, buy a durable carry bag like the Shift Pack V2. You can use it for work, college, or even for traveling.

You should also invest in sustainable accessories. You can find eco-friendly options for drinking bottles, straws, wallets, headgear, organizers, and even face masks. Buying sustainable products from environmentally-conscious companies is an excellent way to reduce waste and make a positive impact in the long term.


Participating in Earth Day 2023 doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Simply implementing these eco-friendly lifestyle habits into your daily life can have a positive impact. In the process, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your living costs, and learn to live a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

If you’re looking for sustainable products to benefit your daily life, visit ALPAKA. Not only can you find a range of high-quality bags made with environmentally-friendly materials, but you can also find a selection of sustainable accessories. All products are shipped in recycled packaging and 1% of each purchase goes to environmental non-profits.


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