5 Reasons Why Sling Bags are the Best


Popular during the '90s, sling bags (a.k.a. fanny packs) have made a big comeback. Here's why we think they're so popular right now:

When it comes to transporting your valuables, whether it be to an exotic new country or simply to the office, sling bags are the best tool for the job. No matter where you’re going, what you need to carry or the adventures that lie ahead, if you're looking to go light, the only bag you’ll ever need is a fashionable and functional ALPAKA sling bag. The versatile nature of sling bags makes them perfect for absolutely any situation. Keep reading to find out all the things that make a sling bag the ideal accessory for you and your active lifestyle.


  1. Sling bags offer a variety of different carry options

Unlike backpacks which, as the name suggests, must be carried on your back, ALPAKA’s stylish sling bags can be carried in many different ways depending on what suits you best in any given situation. You can sling the bag over one shoulder or carry it across your body with the bag behind, around the waist, to the side, or in front of you. This unparalleled versatility is just one of the many qualities that make our incredibly durable sling bags the only carry accessory you’ll ever need.


  1. Sling bags are incredibly easy to use

 The versatility of sling bags makes them incredibly easy to use. You don’t have to stop, take the bag off and rummage through several compartments to find what you need. Instead, you can carry on about your business while you shift the bag to your front and find exactly what you need right there in the main compartment. When you have a sling bag, you can forget about constantly stopping to adjust straps and zips because of their minimalist and simple, yet functional, design.  


  1. Sling bags are great in warmer weather

Sling bags make for the perfect globe-trotting companion. If you’re heading to warmer, exotic climates, having a travel sling bag is a necessity. Unlike backpacks, a sling bag won’t make your back perspire. Whether you’re walking along a tranquil beach with the sun beaming down or hiking through the humidity of a remote jungle, a sling bag will allow you to securely transport your valuables and essentials while remaining cool and comfortable.


  1. The ergonomics of sling bags are better than those of other styles of bags

Sling bags are the king of ergonomic carry accessories. Unlike other styles of bags, sling bags work with the way your shoulders are designed to eliminate neck, shoulder, and backache. The best way to carry a sling bag with the strap across your chest. This pulls the strap towards your neck instead of slipping off your shoulder. Carrying a sling bag across your chest also means that the weight of the bag is supported by your hip or back which lessens the pull of the bag on your shoulders and neck.


  1. Sling bags maximize mobility

Unlike other bags, sling bags won’t inhibit your mobility. There’s nothing worse than being on an amazing adventure and having to stop every ten minutes to take your bag off so you can carry out a task. Sling bags won’t affect your mobility, so you’ll be free to snap breathtaking photos, record in-depth videos, and really get into the experience at hand. You can have all your valuables on hand in your sling bag as you make the most out of every opportunity and adventure that presents itself.


A Sling Bag is Best


Whether it’s a day in the office or a day up a mountain, an ALPAKA sling bag is the only carry accessory you’ll ever need. Our anti-theft, stylish, functional and top-quality sling bags come with free shipping and a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects. Get in touch with our amazing customer service team or browse our range to find the perfect sling bag for your lifestyle today.