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Sling Messenger Backpack

Our Sling Messenger Backpack Is Versatile For Many Uses

Why not go for a sling messenger backpack? All the benefits of a messenger bag, with the ease of a backpack. ALPAKA can help keep all of your belongings together and safe in one handy bag. Whether it’s for work or school, an outdoor adventure or just the gym. Messenger backpacks are great for everyone.

How Do You Carry The Sling Messenger Backpacks?

Our sling messenger backpack can be carried by your side or positioned around the back. But how do you choose which one to use? Here are our picks:

- What are you using it for? If you’re using it for school, a backpack style is often more suitable. It carries heavy loads evenly across your shoulders and back which is perfect for all those books. However, a messenger bag can be great for work as they’re often seen to be similar to briefcases.

- What look are you going for? If you’re dressed more formal, you might want to consider carrying it by your side. It’s more stylish and looks a lot better than wearing a backpack with your suit. However, if you’re just in everyday clothes, ask yourself if it matters and, if not, you have the choice between the two with a messenger backpack. Mix it up.

- How will you be carrying it? If you’re travelling on a bike, for example, across the back might be easier to carry. It won’t get in the way while you’re cycling or when you’re getting off of the bike, unlike a messenger. But if you’re travelling by bus, a messenger bag might be easier as it won’t have to be taken off to sit down comfortably.

- How long will you be carrying it for? Messenger bags are great for short journeys as they’re easy to sling on and off. If you’ll be carrying it for a long period of time, a backpack distributes the weight of the bag and its contents more evenly making it more comfortable.

- When do you need to get into it? A backpack is great if you’re only reaching into your bag when you’re stopping or when you get to your destination as you have to take it off to get into it. A messenger bag works better when you need easy access to it as it’s across your body so doesn’t need to be taken off. That’s precisely why it’s called a messenger bag – the messenger needed easy access to whatever they’re passing on.

You might think that backpacks would be more susceptible to pick-pocketers. However, all of our anti theft messenger bags come with anti-theft features, including lockable zips and high-quality materials. These ensure the safety of your belongings, as well as keeping them damage-free with different internal pockets to separate everything.

Why Choose ALPAKA’s Messenger Sling Backpack?

Our products are all hand-crafted and made for the everyday person. Ready for both urban life and is also a great outdoor adventure man pack. They’re safe, durable, stylish and waterproof! They come in a range of different colors to suit anyone and any occasion. We even offer free shi pping to over 15 different countries as well as premium shipping from only $15.

Thanks to crowdfunding on Kickstarter, we now offer a variety of different bags for different uses and different sizes, so we’ve got something for everyone.

Sling Messenger Backpack

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