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Article: Top 10 Street Art Laneways in Melbourne, Australia

Top 10 Street Art Laneways in Melbourne, Australia

Top 10 Street Art Laneways in Melbourne, Australia

On the Hunt for Melbourne’s Best Street Art? We’ve got you Covered!

Street Art.
Whether you love it for its edgy style, colourful flare, bold statements or simply cause it makes a super sick backdrop for your next insta post, we can all agree street art has a damn unique style that puts it in a league of its own. Luckily, the city of Melbourne seems to agree, and has kindly allowed several areas to be completely and utterly dedicated to all things graffiti, all of which can be conveniently seen in one big walk. So, all you art connoisseurs on the hunt for the next Banksy and you tourists looking for a taste of Melbourne that doesn’t come from your typical travel guide, sit back and relax as we dish on the coolest street art sites.


Strachan Lane

Begin your journey on Strachan Lane, and be amazed at how such a tiny laneway can be home to some of the city’s most epic murals.


AC/DC Lane

The only thing better than Australian street art is Australian street art located on a street dedicated to Oz’s larger than life rock band heroes, AC/DC. Charged with the down and dirty rock and roll energy of Angus Young and Bon Scott, this edgy alley located in the heart of Melb’s CBD is home to some of the country’s most inspiring and in your face pieces, and is a must see for both art and music fans alike.


Hosier Lane

Okay okay, we may have fibbed a little about that whole avoiding the travel guide thing, because Hosier Lane, your next stop, would most definitely be found in a lot of travel guides. However, this is for good reason! The centre of Melbourne’s street art universe, Hosier Lane is constantly changing and evolving, making it one of the most exciting places to visit on this list.


Presgrave Place

A little bit of a walk from Hosier Lane, but definitely worth the journey, comes Presgrave Place. Be amazed by the quaintness of the framed works of art, and thankful for all the pieces made from recycled materials.


Union Lane

Next up on your colourful journey of artistic wonder is Union Lane, probably one of the coolest and most vibrant lanes on this list. Union Lane is mostly dominated by striking graffiti, that lends a grungy, renegade feel to the whole place, a feeling that will certainly stay with you long after you have left. These lanes are fairly small so you'll want to bring a small camera bag that is perfect for traversing through these street art laneways whilst keeping your essentials safe.


Tattersalls Lane 

Tattersalls Lane is a complete melting pot of different cultures. Firstly, it is located in Chinatown amidst delicious Asian restaurants and Bars. Secondly, it is adorned with a massive mural by the artist Adnate, known for his large scale and diverse portraits celebrating multiculturalism, and lastly, Chilean artist Nelson Cekis has too left his mark, with a mural of his own. Gotta be seen!


Drewery Lane

Drewery Lane is in a league of its own. Amidst this list of innovation and graphic art comes a quiet moment for reflection. Dedicated to both war veterans and current soldiers, Drewery Lane is a heartfelt spot that will leave you feeling grateful for their service.


Guildford Lane

The name of the game here at your next stop is ‘green’. You can tell by the beautifully tranquil mural by Mike Makatron, and the thriving plants that are dotted along both sides of the laneway. Plus, there’s a Cat Café close by, what more could you want!


436 Queen Street

The second last stop on this street art pilgrimage is 436 Queen Street, something of a hidden gem that not too many have had the luck of stumbling upon. This quietly unassuming lane surprisingly houses an entire mini world of its own, full of colourful stencils and quirky pieces that cover each wall from bottom to top.


Blender Lane

Your final stop on this epic journey is Blender Lane, and what a sweet way to cap off this experience. Beautiful, kooky, poetic, crazy, Blender Lane has got it all and so much more that the next time your looking to get your fix of street art, this will be your first stop instead of your last!


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Khanh - Photographer, Melbourne Australia

Khanh - Photographer, Melbourne Australia

Khanh Nguyen is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne. Born in Vietnam, Khanh travelled the world with his family at a young age to eventually settle in Australia in 2001.  In his line of wo...

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