Khanh - Photographer, Melbourne Australia


On his daily commutes, Khanh takes his Fujifilm x100F, mini tripod, wireless headphones, nintendo switch, smartphone, battery pack, notebook and more in his Bravo X Sling. It helps him navigate the ever changing environments that he visits. 

Khanh Nguyen is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne. Born in Vietnam, Khanh travelled the world with his family at a young age to eventually settle in Australia in 2001. 

In his line of work he has produced portraiture, fashion look-books, commercial advertising, music videos and more. He also enjoys shooting and collecting analogue cameras; testing different film stocks and camera bodies.

He is attracted to minimal, playful, avant-garde and Scandinavian aesthetics. Outside of photography and film, Khanh’s interests lie in travel, dance, street fashion and coffee.

Being on the move all the time, Khanh finds solace in documenting and snapping images of whatever moves or just noting down locations and details that would aid him on future shoots.

The Bravo X Sling helps him carry the things that are important to him on a daily basis everywhere he goes. When on the move, a small compact camera helps him location scout or just capture and document his day. 

Having easy access to the USB charging port of the Bravo X Sling allows him to quickly charge his camera, phone or Nintendo switch at any given moment. Instant access to his notebook allows any thought or inspiration to be jotted down.

Khanh claims that sometimes he is forgetful so having all his EDC needs live inside the sling, he can leave the house without worrying about forgetting his essentials. The Bravo X Sling is a quality of life upgrade. 

Follow his work @khnstudios

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