Toby Trinh - The Art of Cardistry

The way you shuffle a deck of cards can say more than just "I'm bored," it can show your creative side, which is what cardistry does. Cardists are people who manipulate playing cards to create intricate patterns and designs that seem as if they're straight out of magic books or fairytales. It's not something anyone in their right mind would do with an ordinary deck of 52 pieces, but for those such as Toby the creativity has no bounds--a simple pack becomes magical when folded into displays like shapes and springs

Meet Toby Trinh, a Melbourne based Cardist. 

He's also a photographer. You can check out his instagram here @tobytrinh_ 

Toby's bag of choice is the Atom X Sling in White X-PAC™. He carries his deck of cards and daily essentials wherever he goes.