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Article: RFID Theft and How to Prevent it

RFID Theft and How to Prevent it

RFID Theft and How to Prevent it


Our world is becoming increasingly digitalized and now for convenience, we entrust our wealth and identity to the virtual realms. Thieves are getting smarter too, instead of merely physically pinching our valuables, they can invade our information in more sinister, computerized ways.  That’s why we must be more vigilant and protective when it comes to our sensitive, personal details. In this post, we’ll review how to stay safe in our modern, technological society.

What is RFID Theft?

Inserted in our credit, debit and identity cards, as well as our passports, are RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips. They transmit radio waves, passing on our information so that we can make payments and be identified upon contact. You’ll know whether your card is able to perform this function by the presence of the wavelike symbol in the corner.

Imagine you’re out shopping with friends, your wallet is safely zipped away in your bag’s front pocket. You purchase your items and return home with all your belongings. Weeks later, you start to notice payments coming out of your account that you didn’t make! How is it that possible? All it would have taken is someone with an RFID scanner to be standing within 6-10 inches of you for them to surreptitiously steal all your personal data. By the time you’d notice anything was amiss, it’d be too late. The nefarious thief will have hacked all your information and be out there using your accounts and identity.

Invest in Appropriate and Secure Gear

Unfortunately, as much as there are many advantages to our growing desire for faster, more efficient technology, there are also drawbacks and people who want to use advances to exploit others. That’s why we have to come with ways to prevent this from happening.

For example, you could look into our Atom X Sling bag. It’s excellent for busy city dwellers, stylish shopaholics and exploring tourists. The front compartment contains RFID blocking technology so that you can put all your cards and your passport in a safe and secure place.  You’ll look effortlessly cool but with complete protection, especially seen as this rfid sling bag has other anti-theft features, such as lockable zippers.


You can invest in all kinds of wallets, purses and passport carriers that have aluminium linings to prevent RFID theft. It’s much better to spend money on protective gear than end up having your account drained from a total stranger. Remember- these people aren’t your average crooks, they have intelligent equipment and software that can cause you serious upset.

Other ALPAKA bags with RFID protection include the Alpha Sling and Alpha Sling XL - 30% OFF SALE. 


Be Sensible

This is a classic piece of advice that goes a long way.

  • Be sure to keep an eye out in crowds or queues when out shopping.
  • If you notice anyone who looks dubious don’t be afraid to alert a cashier/shop assistant.
  • Purchase some RFID blocking sleeves or cardholders for your cards.
  • Leave your passport at home if you aren’t travelling.
  • Check your bank accounts regularly to see if anything looks out of the ordinary.
  • If you do notice any payment that looks sketchy don’t hesitate to get in contact with your bank.

To sum up, we are very fortunate to live in an age with all kinds of technological delights that save us time so that we can focus on what we love. Also, so that we don’t have to walk around with a huge paper trail. However, we have to remember to keep our guards up. We at ALPAKA believe in timelessly sophisticated carriers and accessories that showcase the benefits of technology whilst also helping you to protect your essentials.

From us all at ALPAKA, we wish you happy, fun and safe shopping, travels and endeavours! 

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