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Article: Recycled Fabrics - X-Pac® RX Line

Recycled Fabrics - X-Pac® RX Line

Recycled Fabrics - X-Pac® RX Line

At ALPAKA, our focus is on delivering the best everyday and travel bags possible. We use materials that are durable yet lightweight, giving every kind of traveler a comfortable carry solution that will last them for years on end. Using Dimension Polyant X-Pac® fabrics allows us to deliver bags that offer a mix of durability and comfort.

We’re also passionate about helping the environment. Not only are our products shipped in sustainable packaging, but we’re also introducing new products using the Sustainable X-Pac® Fabric Collection. While all of our products provide an excellent choice for eco-friendly travelers, these products minimize environmental impact further by using recycled materials. Here’s more about our sustainable travel products.

What Are X-Pac® Fabrics?

Created by US company Dimension Polyant, X-Pac® fabrics are designed specifically for high-quality travel bags and packs. Using material that’s extremely durable yet also lightweight, these fabrics are perfect for lightweight carry bags that won’t rip or tear during transit. On top of that, they’re also 100% waterproof and even UV-proof, giving your gear the best protection possible.

Originally founded in 1966, Dimension Polyant soon became the world’s largest sailcloth producer due to its focus on durable fabrics. These resistant fabrics were built for high-performance boating exercises and could outlast all kinds of weather damage. The X-Pac® range is a direct descendant of these sturdy fabrics, purpose-built for packs and bags instead of boats. And it's made in the USA.

You’ll see these fabrics used in our premium travel products. For instance, the Bravo Sling Max Multicam Black - Limited Edition uses X-Pac® X50 fabric along with 210D ripstop nylon lining. The result is an exceptional travel sling that you can use to keep your belongings safe without worrying about tears, water damage, or degrading materials.

Sustainable X-Pac® Fabric Collection

Dimension Polyant produces a range of X-Pac® fabrics aimed at different purposes. These high-quality fabrics provide protection, durability, and stability, perfect for long-lasting travel bags, slings, tech cases, and all kinds of other handy accessories. And while all of these fabrics are produced in their 100% climate-neutral US facility, the RX line takes sustainability a step further.

The X-Pac® RX line of fabrics retains the durability and functionality that Dimension Polyant is known for while using domestically-sourced recycled materials. Discarded PET bottles are collected, cleaned, formed into polyester fiber, and used to create these high-quality environmentally-friendly fabrics.

These fabrics also feature X-Pac® RX 3-layer laminates with X-PLY® reinforcement. That means packs made with these fabrics will be resistant to rips, tears, and weather damage, keeping all your belongings safe and sound. They’re now used for a range of day packs, travel bags, hiking pouches, sling bags, and various other products.

As a brand that always strives to make our products as eco-friendly as possible, ALPAKA is excited to introduce a range of products using sustainable X-Pac® fabrics. These are ideal for travelers who want ethical, long-lasting purchases tailored to their adventuring needs and purposes.

ALPAKA Sustainable Travel Products

ALPAKA produces a range of travel bags and accessories for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a backpacker, city traveler, digital nomad, or simply need something for weekend trips, we have the right products for you. With that said, we aim to do so while continuously reducing our environmental impact.

We know that, like us, many travelers want to use products that are reliable, sustainable, and help the environment. Since our inception, we’ve focused on delivering the highest-quality backpacks, travel slings, shoulder bags, and accessories possible. This ensures that, no matter what you buy, it’s a purchase that will last you for years and won’t go to waste.

Additionally, we’ve taken steps to reduce our environmental impact. ALPAKA products are shipped in 100% recyclable plastic polybags. We also use internal packaging made using 100% biodegradable corn-based PLAs. Not only do these materials keep your orders safe from rain, dirt, and damage, but they provide an eco-friendly solution allowing you to order in peace.

We’re also members of 1% for the Planet, meaning 1% of our earnings goes toward NGOs that support our values. With every purchase you make, we also plant 1 tree via our partnership with the One Tree Planted project. With reforestation efforts across various continents, you can rest assured you’re contributing to a good cause.

Why Use Sustainable Travel Products?

Many of us are passionate about traveling. Seeing new places and exploring new cultures is a great way to expand your horizons and enrich your life. However, jet-setting around the world can swiftly increase your carbon footprint. That doesn’t mean you need to stop traveling - but simply find ways to travel sustainably.

You can still enjoy the wonders of world travel while being conscious about the choices you make and how they impact the environment. Everything from using efficient modes of public transport to carrying your water in a reusable bottle can have a positive impact on the environment. Choosing sustainable travel products can also help significantly.

Sustainable travel products are created for conscious travelers who want to reduce their environmental impact. These products generally use eco-friendly shipping solutions, such as recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Many even utilize recycled materials while still delivering durability and premium quality.

It’s also a good idea to invest in long-lasting products. For instance, a single high-quality everyday travel backpack could become your go-to EDC solution for all your home and travel needs for decades. This limits the need to constantly replace broken bags and send low-quality products to landfills, which can quickly contribute to environmental waste.


Sustainable travel products can help all of us travel in style while reducing our carbon footprint. X-Pac® RX fabrics are built specifically for durable carry solutions using eco-friendly practices and materials. These fabrics are waterproof, durable, UV proof, and made with recycled materials.

ALPAKA delivers premium-quality travel products to help everyone travel more sustainably. In addition to using built-to-last materials, we use eco-friendly packaging and contribute to environmental causes around the world. Browse our X-PAC Collection or check out our entire range of travel bags and accessories.

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