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Article: Quickest Ways To Get Through Airport Security - Expert Tips And Tricks

Quickest Ways To Get Through Airport Security - Expert Tips And Tricks

Quickest Ways To Get Through Airport Security - Expert Tips And Tricks

Want to make travel less stressful? Learning the quickest ways to get through airport security is one of the best ways to make traveling more enjoyable. Although exploring new destinations around the world can be a fun and rewarding experience, dealing with long airport queues can be stressful. Luckily, using the right tips and methods can help you avoid this.

Sometimes getting through airport security faster is a matter of taking the right equipment. Sometimes it’s a matter of being prepared before you even get to the airport. There are also a few tips and tricks you can use to make getting through airport security a breeze. Here’s a guide to the quickest ways to get through airport security.

Use A Travel Sling For Quick Access To Your Belongings

Wearing a travel backpack is a good way to carry all of your belongings with you on the plane. However, it can also be a huge time waster when you reach the airport security line. Needing to remove your backpack, dig out your liquids and electronics, and repackage everything can quickly become a hassle.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of these problems with a high-quality travel sling bag. These bags can be worn on the front and removed with a simple buckle. They also feature organized pouches, making it easy to take out your laptop, liquids, passport, and anything else you need in seconds.

You can find various sling bags suited to your needs, such as the feature-packed Bravo Sling Max V2 or the smaller Bravo Sling Mini. Whichever sling bag you choose, wearing one of these is by far one of the quickest ways to get through airport security. Plus, they make for perfect personal items during your flight and can even be used as secure daypacks.

Check In Online Before You Reach The Airport

Another one of the quickest ways to get through airport security faster is by checking in online. If you fail to check in before you reach the airport, you’ll need to deal with a lengthy check-in line. Not only will you need to wait longer to reach the security line, but you’ll likely end up with an inconvenient paper boarding pass.

When you check in online, you can head straight to the security line as soon as you reach the airport. You can also show your electronic boarding pass on your smartphone in seconds. You can make the process even quicker by creating a shortcut to your boarding pass on your home screen.

Most airlines nowadays offer online check-in, so make sure you use it if it’s available. Not only will it make getting through airport security faster, but it often has other perks. For instance, checking in early via your smartphone or laptop often allows you to choose your airplane seat in advance.

Arrive At The Airport When It’s Not Busy

No matter how much you prepare, getting through airport security can take a while if you arrive at a busy time. As such, you might want to give some extra consideration to your arrival time. Getting to the airport during peak travel times is a surefire way to make your wait longer, so arrive when the airport is less busy.

Sometimes you can figure out the best time to arrive by checking out the flight schedule for your airport. If there are 10 flights back-to-back at 3 pm, arriving at 2 pm probably isn’t the best idea - even if your flight is later in the day. Check for times when there aren’t many flights and arrive an hour or two before that.

If you’re unsure when to arrive, earlier is always better. Although you might need to wait in the airport longer, you can also reduce travel stress by avoiding long queues. Plus, if you’re there early and the queue for security is too long, you can always take a breather and grab a coffee until it dies down.

Wear A Jacket With Zip Pockets

Needing to empty your pockets is another major time-waster when it comes to getting through airport security. Plus, emptying your passport, wallet, phone, and valuable accessories into a tray isn’t always the best idea. As such, it’s always a good idea to wear a jacket with zip pockets to the airport.

Zip pockets are great for storing your valuable belongings while still having easy access to them. Once you reach the security line, just place your jacket into the tray with your belongings inside. You can then simply put your jacket back on without worrying about forgetting any of your valuables.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a jacket, either. Any easily-removable piece of clothing with secure pockets can work well. For instance, if you’re going somewhere cold, a winter coat can work just as efficiently. A hoodie or cardigan with zip pockets can also work well if you’re heading somewhere warmer.

Utilize Fast-Track Passes

Another one of the quickest ways to get through airport security is to utilize fast-track passes. These passes allow you to breeze through security lines by providing some information before you arrive at the airport. You can even avoid the need to remove your liquids, shoes, and jacket during security screening.

The TSA PreCheck® is famous among frequent fliers in America. Applying for a single pass allows you to race past security lines in over 200 airports in the United States. Plus, it lasts for a year and can be renewed each year. However, various airports and airlines around the world also offer similar fast-track passes.

Getting a fast-track past will usually cost you a little money. However, frequent travelers often find that it’s worth it for the time and stress it saves them. Even if you arrive at the airport later than planned, you can rest assured that you’ll make it to your gate without wasting any time with a fast-track pass.


From online check-in to fast-track passes, these are some of the quickest ways to get through airport security. Utilize these methods and you’ll no longer worry about dealing with airport security lines before each trip.

Equipping yourself with the most efficient travel equipment is one of the best ways to get through airport security faster. You can find a range of convenient travel sling bags, travel pouches, and other helpful travel accessories at ALPAKA.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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