Keith Lo - Photographer, Brisbane, Australia

Keith is a portrait & product photographer, an aspiring coffee connoisseur, a co-owner of a branding studio and a lover of stories. 


With his parents migrating to Australia in 1996 and being born in Brisbane, Keith grew up in a home filled with stories and memories of a second home, Hong Kong. 

Throughout the years he’d be shown items from their life before him, items older than him but still had so many stories to tell. Watches, cameras and other belongings that were once in his fathers’ and grandfathers’ possession were some that stood out in particular. 

From a young age Keith took interest in how these items had almost travelled through time, although some no longer worked their sentimental value and memories of their use in everyday life seemed to be fresh. Over time he noticed that what his dad and grandfather carried were painting a story of a version of them he hadn’t ever met - one that was almost frozen in that time in the items themselves. 

Nowadays as a product photographer, he’s able to appreciate the fine details in the watches, cameras and gear he photographs. Knowing that behind each detail was a decision on design, material & manufacturer, and that in turn this would influence the functionality of the product in it’s user’s life. 

Balancing between meetings and shoots, Keith’s carry usually included everything under the sun in a backpack. Living through today’s pandemic however has meant that Keith’s had to be smarter and more prepared in the accessibility of the gear he carries. Quick access to his hand sanitizer, mask, charger, keys & headphones in his Atom X Sling has now moved to the forefront of his priorities when commuting or heading to the shops for a quick trip. 


Somedays when he needs to carry more, he switches to his Bravo X Sling. He is able to carry his accessories securely with him on outdoor photo shoots. 


Check out more of Keith’s EDC on his instagram: @keifro

And see some of his other work: @lokvisuals @koarstudios