Jappy Agoncillo - Artist, Manila, Phillipines

Jappy Agoncillo is a freelance illustrator, painter and muralist from Manila, Philippines. Having been working since his days in college as a legal management major, he has since built up a substantial portfolio of work, with clients the likes of Shake Shack, Heineken and Johnnie Walker.

The ALPAKA Go Sling Pro is Jappy's go to bag to keep him inspired. He carries his sketch book, stationaries and a compact camera to gather inspiration for his next project.

His work is deeply rooted in his love for comics and skate culture, as a fanboy of these things himself, the themes and styles blend seamlessly in his dynamic and vibrant art style. His work can be found all over Metro Manila, or even in little corners of New York, LA and India.

His approach to work is simple: hard work works, and there’s no replacement for it. He believes in continuous improvement, and the constant will to be better. One thing he likes to teach to young aspiring artists is that the goal shouldn’t be to be the best, but it should be to be better than you were the day before.

For him, art represents opportunity - to engage, to learn, to be free, to tell stories, and to inspire others to tell theirs. It should be open to all, and should be whatever it wants, or needs, to be.

Follow his work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jappylemon/

Check out his website at https://www.jappyagoncillo.com/