How Modular Accessories Can Simplify Your Day

Some days, life can be tough, rushed and even chaotic. We get that, and here at ALPAKA, we have taken the time to create functional and simple gadgets, designed to make your life that little bit easier, so you can focus on the really important stuff. Here are four of our favourite Modular Accessories that can help get your day running just that little bit more smoothly, all whilst keeping you looking stylish doing it!


Magnetic Keychain

We have officially got the answer to the age-old question “Honey, where are my keys?!”. Now your keys are never more than an arm’s reach away. With our magnetic keychain on your side, your keys can be attached to any bag that has molle attachments, a crossbody strap, or better yet your very own belt. The magnetic attachment is easy to use and locks your keychain into place, leaving you free to wander and explore, knowing you will always have your way back home close at hand.


Magnetic Sunglasses Holder

Sunglasses are the number one cool person’s accessory, just ask Tom Cruise in Top Gun. But it’s inconvenient to carry around the sunglasses in their case or on your shirt and they can get scratched easily when thrown inside a bag with other items, so we present to you the Magnetic Sunglasses Holder. Like the keychain, this holder can also be attached to any bag with molle attachments, a crossbody strap or attached individually to your belt. The soft, scratch proof interior makes this handy holder perfect for your sunnies or your reading glasses.


Magnetic AirPods/AirPods Pro Pouch

Who amongst us hasn’t been stressed at the idea of losing these teeny (and pricey!) pods? The AirPods Pouch, with its magnetic attachments for your convenience, eliminates the fear of a music free commute, a podcast free walk or a silent workday. Carry your absolutely essential listening device in style, attached onto the strap of a bag or individually on your belt. The pouch fits both the Airpods Gen 1 and Gen 2 as well as the Airpods Pro.


Magnetic Cardholder

Our Magnetic Cardholder is a great option if you are looking to size down your chunky wallet, for something more streamlined, compact and elegant. The Cardholder is designed to carry up to two cards and comes with a front compartment that works perfectly as a loose coin pouch. Again, we have opted for magnetic attachments for its simplicity and efficiency, making the Magnetic Cardholder the perfect companion for a hike, day trip or simply a quick trip down to the grocery store. A bold but compact accessory, the Magnetic Cardholder simplifies your life whilst doing it in style.