Exploring Bag Design Excellence: Our First Workshop Recap

Our Docklands retail store became the hub of creative exploration as we recently hosted a group of first-year RMIT Industrial Design students for our first-ever workshop on Bag Design. The students were treated to an inside look at the artistry and functionality that go into creating ALPAKA's extensive collection of expertly crafted EDC.

Our General Manager, Justin Kui kickstarted the workshop with a lesson in bag design - the significance of materials. He explained how materials, from fabrics to buckles and linings, are the building blocks of every exceptional bag. A great bag is not just about appearance; it's a blend of careful choices and engineering.

The students also had the privilege of tracing the journey of our latest and most successful Kickstarter project, the Vertex Pouch. From initial concepts to the final product, they got to witness the iterative design process that showcased the fine balance between creativity and technical precision.

We hope the students walked away with newfound knowledge and inspiration for their own design journeys. With the success of our first workshop, we’re looking forward to host more in the future to connect and foster the next generation of designers.