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Article: 7 Must-Have EDC Items for the Modern Remote Worker

7 Must-Have EDC Items for the Modern Remote Worker

7 Must-Have EDC Items for the Modern Remote Worker

In today's fast-paced world, remote work or taking our work on the go has become a norm. Whether you're a digital nomad, a freelance writer, or simply someone who prefers working from coffee shops, having the right everyday carry (EDC) items can make a world of difference. These 7 small but essential tools and gadgets can help you stay organized, productive, and prepared for whatever challenges come your way. 

1. Laptop and Charger


15-inch Macbook Air

The backbone of any remote worker's toolkit is, of course, their laptop. Whether you prefer a sleek ultrabook or a powerful workstation, ensure it's reliable and suits your needs. Don’t forget to bring your charger or power bank in case power outlets are scarce.

2. High-Quality Backpack


Elements Backpack Pro in Axoflux™ Army Green

Invest in a comfortable and durable backpack designed for laptops and work essentials. Look for one with multiple compartments to keep your gear organized. A good backpack is like a trusty sidekick.

3. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard


Logitech Pebble 2 Combo in Tonal Sand

While laptop trackpads and keyboards are serviceable, a wireless mouse and keyboard can significantly boost your productivity and comfort. They're handy if you're working from a variety of locations.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Dealing with distracting background noise? Your best investment would be noise-canceling headphones. It can help you focus on tasks and attend virtual meetings without interruptions. Plus, they're a lifesaver during long flights or commutes. Keep it protected with the Headphones Case.


Headphones Case in Axoflux™ Black

5. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot


Solis Lite Hotspot & Power Bank

Internet connectivity is vital for remote work. Having a portable Wi-Fi hotspot ensures you can access a reliable connection wherever you go. It's your backup plan when the coffee shop's Wi-Fi is sluggish or nonexistent.

6. Notebook and Pen


Rite in the Rain Bolt-Action Pen

Sometimes, old-school tools are the best for brainstorming, jotting down quick notes, or sketching out ideas when inspiration hits. A compact notebook and a good pen are timeless EDC items that can come in handy for remote workers and creatives alike. 

7. Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife


Victorinox Evolution 10 Wood

You never know when you might need to open a package, tighten a loose screw, or handle a minor repair. A multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife is a versatile gadget that's worth keeping in your EDC arsenal. Just check airline regulations if you plan to travel with it. Keep it in place with your essentials with the help of the Zip Pouch Pro


Zip Pouch Pro in Dark Green

There are perks to being a remote worker, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. Having the right EDC items can help you navigate these challenges, staying productive and organized no matter where you are. We have some gear to get you started here.


Featured Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash 

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