Tips to Make Your Home Office Work for You!

So, you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home, and realising just how important a well organised workspace can be. You find yourself missing your old desk, your swivel chair, even your old pencil holder that you never used. And what you are faced with is a sad and sorry excuse for a workstation. Clearing out and making these spaces shine is the key to making working at home, work for you. After all, cluttered space, cluttered mind! So, to make this organisation process a little more bearable for yourself, we have gathered a list of our top tips to make your home office glow up happen as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Pick 3 things and throw them out

Our first tip is to start off by taking things slowly! There’s no rush to finish this massive task all in one day, so start off with a nice and simple task; simply pick up three items that are of no use to you and discard them! The point of this is just to get the ball rolling. And, not only will this task be completed in a mere manner of seconds, it will also instantly make your space a little bit brighter and cheerier.


Organise one desk drawer

Okay now we’re kicking things up a gear. You are ready to tackle ‘the drawer’. You know that drawer that is crammed to the brim with old junk? Empty pens, crumpled up sticky notes, a Snickers wrapper (how’d that get in there?!), the place is a tip and its holding you back from reaching your boss-mode potential! Now, whilst you’re on your cleaning and tidying rampage, do take care not to throw anything that is actually important away by mistake! But that crusty bottle of white out, feel free to bin that.


Organise everything based on how frequently you use it

Not only does this make a tonne of sense, it will also help you figure out which items are absolutely essential to your work, and which can be tucked neatly away into a, now nicely organised, drawer. The way to do this is simple, firstly start by working in your normal fashion, and take note of which items you go to reach for the most. If you are working mostly on a laptop, this means keeping your charger close by. If paper and pen are your go to, make sure to have notebooks and pens on hand, and keep these items on top of your desk, rather than away in a drawer. This will mean that in the mornings when it’s time to get cracking, all your vital items will be on your desk, ready and waiting!


Don’t make your space boring!

You are not a boring person, so why should your workspace be? At home, you now have the freedom to decorate your workspace however you want, and in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to at the office. You want your space to not only be a place of productivity, but of inspiration too! You are completely free to let your creativity run wild. Print out pictures of those who inspire you and stick them on the wall or buy some cool novelty notebooks and pens with your favourite movie characters on them. For this tip, the internet is definitely your best friend, as you can basically find anything your interested in, stuck to the front cover of a notebook or these days. So, search around, and decorate your space with as much of your personality as you can!


Get comfy

This is a tip that serves two purposes; it will help maximise productivity, whilst also helping you think of your workspace as a place you’d actually want to be, and not just a place to work. Your space has to give off good vibes to get you motivated to perform at your best, and this is why you’ve gotta get back to the basics and get comfortable. We’re talking a nice comfy chair, or if that isn’t close by, throw a pillow on top of a chair you’ve already got. Invest in a stand for your computer so you’re not constantly looking downwards, or maybe have a look around the house for something you could use as a footrest. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t put your feet up! Now, you’ve got all the tools you need, so go out there and get to work!