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Article: Jennifer - Photographer, Sydney, Australia

Jennifer - Photographer, Sydney, Australia

Jennifer - Photographer, Sydney, Australia

As one of the GSM giveaway winners, we interviewed Jennifer to learn more about her and inspirations as a photographer.

Tell us about yourself

I am Jennifer, a Sydney freelance portrait photographer. I always had an interest in small moments in life and enjoyed capturing them on any device that has a camera. I started photography professionally in 2018, began street and landscape during travelling after owning my first DSLR. A year later I found passion in portraiture, capturing the beauty of every individual and turning them into unique stories and fantasies. 

I grew up in Hong Kong for the first half of my life and moved to Australia in 2009 with my family. As I slowly adapted in the Australian culture, its diversity sparked my curiosity in people's different stories and I became really interested in what the world has to offer. I see myself existing just like everyone else on this planet but with a unique pair of eyes witnessing it, thus my brand name Earthling J.

Tell us about your photography style and what inspires you.

Since I was young I have always imagined that there's always something further beyond the "reality". I have always loved concepts such as magic, fairies and parallel worlds because those ideas just make the current reality so much more interesting. These concepts continuously inspire me to create work that gives a visual experience of a surreal reality. In my photography, in order to immerse my models into an imaginative world, light and colours are always experimented with.

I am always learning about stories of the people I meet during my creative journey. Seeing how each individual tales exist within the same world and being linked together is such a beautiful thing and motivates me to create more.

How does the ALPAKA Bravo X Sling improve your life? What do you carry?

There's always constant movement during photoshoots therefore being able to carry my essentials but being mobile is important to me. 

On a simple day where a single lens is only needed Bravo x Sling is able to carry my 500mL water bottle, Nikon D750 with 50mm lens, portable charger and a phone. I still feel light but can achieve a lot during the day with the amount of equipment I can still bring with me.

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