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Article: Introducing The Eco-Friendly ECOPAK™ Line

Introducing The Eco-Friendly ECOPAK™ Line

Introducing The Eco-Friendly ECOPAK™ Line

ALPAKA has long had a reputation for delivering high-quality everyday bags, travel bags, and a range of accessories that are built to last. We craft our products with durability and functionality in mind. We’re always trying to innovate our products, and that’s why we’ll soon be releasing a new line using ECOPAK™ EPX fabrics.

As many of our customers know, we’re committed to sustainability via the products we make, the packaging we use, and the companies and organizations we work with. With our EPX line, we’ll now be giving you more of your favorite products using the latest and greatest in sustainable materials from Challenge Outdoor.

What Are ECOPAK™ Fabrics?

Challenge Sailcloth was founded in 1917 and has been known for delivering some of the toughest fabrics for sailcloths for generations. Over the years, the company has turned its talents to delivering outdoor and adventure gear using its technical textiles. This is how Challenge Outdoor was born.

The Challenge Outdoor brand focuses on delivering a range of high-quality sustainable fabrics for adventure seekers. ECOPAK™ fabrics are the world’s first durable waterproof fabrics created from 100% recycled polyester and film. Recycled plastic water bottles are taken and upcycled into technical textiles that are perfect for sturdy outdoor and EDC gear.

Products made with ECOPAK™ fabrics give you all the perks of sustainability without sacrificing quality. On the contrary, these materials are exceptionally strong. They last longer, absorb 80% less moisture, offer better UV resistance, and provide better color retention than traditional laminated nylon. They’re also tested to ensure they can withstand the toughest conditions.

More About The ECOPAK™ EPX Collection

The ECOPAK™ EPX collection features a range of ECOPAK™ fabrics targeted at various functions. For instance, EPX400 is a 400d recycled polyester with incredible durability. Its powerful construction gives it twice the resistance of your average 420d nylon, making it perfect for durable interiors and exteriors.

EPX600 is a tightly woven yarn with a sleek, stylish appearance. Carefully crafted to meet the toughest conditions, it’s comparable to 500d Cordura® in terms of durability, stitch-holding, and abrasion resistance. As such, it’ll keep your bags and accessories holding strong and looking like new no matter how much you use them.

At ALPAKA, we’ve always aimed to deliver bags, pouches, and accessories with the best materials possible. By introducing the EPX collection to some of our products, you’ll get your favorite items in new colors and new sustainable materials. You’ll also be helping the environment simply by buying and using them.

Elements Tech Case Mini

One of the first products you’ll find in our latest ECOPAK™ line is the Elements Tech Case Mini. This tech organizer is a favorite for travelers, office workers, students, and anyone who wants to keep their cables, chargers, and small gadgets organized. While it’s available in a range of colors and fabrics, the new EPX model is a top choice for eco-conscious travelers.

The Elements Tech Case Mini is slim, stylish, and highly functional. It includes multiple organizational compartments to keep your gadgets and accessories organized. In addition to your tech gear, you can use the Elements Tech Case Mini to stash your phone, keys, cards, pens, and more. It can even fit a Kindle E-Reader.

You can easily store this tech case in a drawer or put it in your bag when you need to take it somewhere. You can also carry it like a crossbody bag using the detachable shoulder strap, giving you easy access to your accessories and valuables while you’re on the go. It makes for an excellent everyday carry bag for anyone who wants to be more organized.

Metro Pouch

Another top product you’ll see in our new ECOPAK™ line is the Metro Pouch. Not only does it stand out for its style, but the Metro Pouch is incredibly convenient. It’s compact yet capable of carrying a range of daily essentials, including your keys, cards, earbuds, cables, chargers, and small tools.

Due to its compact size, you can easily keep this pouch in a sling bag or backpack. For an even easier option, you can clip it onto your bag strap or belt. That way, you can always grab your essentials in seconds. Overall, it helps you stay organized and makes your daily life a little easier.

The Metro Pouch has long been available in multiple stylish options. The new ECOPAK™ model is a great option for those who want durable and sustainable materials in their accessories. It looks good, works well, and is built to handle your everyday carry needs for years to come.

ALPAKA Sustainable Products

Sustainability is important to us at ALPAKA. We’re constantly looking for ways to deliver the most functional and durable travel bags while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact. Our latest line of eco-friendly ECOPAK™ fabric products is just one example of the ways we try to help our customers and the environment.

In addition to eco-friendly products, we ship everything in sustainable packaging. What’s more, with every purchase our customers make, we contribute 1% of the proceeds to environmental non-profits (planting trees all over trees, getting rid of single use plastic, etc.). Whether you order one of our sling bags, tech pouches, backpacks, or accessories, you can rest assured you’re contributing to something good.

We believe that everyone can make a difference, including ourselves and our customers. You can read more about our sustainability efforts, including our partnership with One Tree Planted. You can also read our guide to sustainable travel tips if you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact and travel responsibly.


From travel backpacks to EDC accessories, our sustainable products provide customers with high-quality carry solutions without harming the environment. ECOPAK™ EPX fabrics provide incredible durability while using nothing but recycled materials. They’re also waterproof and UV-resistant. Plus, they make your bags and accessories look awesome.

Our new ECOPAK™ line is great for eco-friendly travelers. With that said, we also provide a range of other products using environmentally-friendly materials. Plus, all of our products are shipped in sustainable packaging and 1% of every purchase goes to environmental non-profits. Feel free to browse our full range of high-quality bags and accessories.

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