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Article: Copper and Silver Nanoparticles in Tech Clothing

Copper and Silver Nanoparticles in Tech Clothing

Copper and Silver Nanoparticles in Tech Clothing

Metal clothing? Are we all going to start looking like futuristic cyborgs? Or perhaps more like knights, with new enforced armour?

Turns out the technology of nanoparticles is a lot more intricate than this but no less cool or interesting. It’s also a teeny tiny marvel, so you’ll still get to rock looks of this era and won’t set off the bleeps in security when at the airport!

What Is This Technology?

Since the mid-2000s the textile industry became fascinated with these mini metal particles although not for aesthetical reasons. The most attractive factor of these metallic modules is down to their science. Copper and silver nanoparticles are between 1nm and 100nm in size. Their special structure and properties mean that they can be applied in many different situations performing an array of functions. The high surface area per volume ratio gives them certain abilities that we can harness in many industries. For example, in medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, home appliance, sports, textiles and many more!


How Are They Beneficial When it Comes to Clothing?

Currently, health and hygiene are of the utmost importance. We want to embed optimum cleanliness into all aspects of our routines. When it comes to clothing, copper and silver nanoparticles have an antimicrobial action that can fight off the bacteria that causes bad odours. This self-cleaning mechanism essentially means that we don’t have to wash clothes so often and keeps items fresh and sanitized.

Day to day, we dash around in our work gear, business attire, sportswear and casual clothes. We put things in and take things out of pockets, bags and cases. As we move about, picking up and putting down, not only are we ourselves building up microbes but so are the items we keep on our person. That’s why clothes, bags, pockets and lining that are infused with copper and silver nanoparticles are so advantageous. Their cellular makeup battles germs and funguses so that the materials stay nice, clean and safe.

A Case Study: the Atom  X Sling

When it comes to any carrier accessory it can be tricky to know how to clean them. There’s also no shame in admitting that we frequently forget that they need washing. Everyone has that old laptop case or backpack with a variety of crumbs, dust and dirt lingering at the bottom!

However, we are now requiring equipment that best befits our modern-day lifestyles. We want clothing and accessories that are cleaner and safer than ever. Gone are the days where clothes are just to cover up and bags are just for carrying belongings. Now, we can innovate our clothing to match up to our technological and security demands.

The Atom X Sling from ALPAKA embodies the brilliance of the nanoparticle technology. As well as being highly functional, it has the copper and silver-impregnated lining in its front compartment.

Think about your mobile phone. At some point you’ll receive a morning business call or have a friendly catch up over lunch or perhaps have to make an appointment, so your phone will come into contact with your face. Wouldn’t you much rather it be coming out of your antimicrobial pocket, rather than the deep dark depths of an old handbag or briefcase?


Essentially, this bag has a section which keeps itself clean and germ free so that you can put personal belongings you use day to day in a sanitized space. It’s the perfect accessory for a tech whizz, busy businessperson, city wanderer or avid traveller.

Overall, the many capabilities of these metal wonders are mind blowing and they have a big future in the clothing industry. The fact that we can manufacture them in a sleek and stylish manner shows that they have great potential and versatility. The ways in which we can take advantage of them is endless!

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