City Series: Nightcrawlers - Melbourne

“From dusk till dawn
The City is theirs
It belongs to them
The night crawlers
They own this land
This City
At dawn they run…”
- Excerpt from Cannita Melius’ City Nights

The allure of Melbourne’s night life hypnotizes us all. The beckoning neon lights call to us, the exhilarating sounds usher us in, begging us to take that first, tentative step outside. The siren song of Melbourne at night demands our attention, our energy, and sense of adventure. This world is not for the faint of heart or spirit, but for the bold.

This is who we had in mind when we created the Arctic and Blaze Collection, the bold. Local Melbournian photographer Toby Trinh has perfectly captured the essence of Melbourne at night; cool, modern, and buzzing with an exciting electricity. You’ll never know what mysteries await you down one of the city’s million hidden alleyways. Entire worlds lay underneath Melbourne’s concrete roads, housing all manner of delights. Remember, Melbourne’s most enticing havens only open at night.

But Melbourne is not just a city full of hidden secrets, but a bold one too. Melbourne gets in your face, unabashed and brazenly itself at all times. One cannot help but get sucked into the whirlwind of the city life, dizzy and dazzled by the white-knuckle pace at which the city is always moving at night, demonstrated perfectly by Trinh’s masterful photography.

Melbourne at night can move pretty fast, but what a thrilling ride.