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Article: Built to last

Built to last

Built to last

Just like a proud parent talking your ear off about the latest award their kid has won, we at ALPAKA cannot help ourselves sometimes but to gush over our products. But there’s a reason for this: we truly believe you will benefit from using our gear and we stand behind our high quality, functional products. So indulge us a little, as we fanboy over the features of our ALPAKA products, that allow you everyday to KEEP MOVING FORWARD™.

What You Get When You Buy an ALPAKA Product

A Long-lasting Companion

We think there is no better word to describe our products than ‘high-quality’ (or is that technically two words?). Buying high-quality products that go through extensive quality assurance tests such as ours has multiple benefits including helping to reduce waste, as the strong durability of ALPAKA products ensures you will have to re-purchase items less and less, and thus keeping more materials away from landfills. We also encourage repairs to keep your gear in use for as long as possible.

Peace of Mind

With all of our bags you will be receiving a lifetime warranty, and an extended warranty on all our accessories, so on the off chance that something malfunctions, we’ve still got your back.

Innovation and Design

Two things we pride ourselves at ALPAKA, to make sure that no matter where you’re heading off to, with us you’ll always be stepping out in style. But with us you not only get the beauty but also the brains, as our bags are engineered with form and function in mind. Why choose one when you can have both?


Fabrics We Use

Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic Nylon is one of the standard fabrics we use at ALPAKA. Originally used and develop during the Vietnam War, this fabric is both popular and extremely high quality. Years later this fabric is still going strong on the market due to its feel, look and resistance to water.


We’re particularly proud of this one, as 750D FauxWool is a blend we created ourselves in partnership with a Taiwanese Mill. It’s a mix of 85% Nylon and 15% Polyester, is water resistant and has a soft, luxurious feel that reminded us so much of wool that we decided to name it after the cosy material.


This fabric is the brainchild of sailcloth company Dimension-Polyant. In a moment of utter ingenuity, these guys discovered that much of the same technology used in the creation and development of specialized racing sails could also be applied to the making of unique and functional bags, and so X-Pac® moved into the fashion industry. This fabric is extremely abrasion resistant ensuring it stays looking new and shiny for longer, is UV resistant, very light and weatherproof.

We've also started using their most sustainable fabric yet: RX Line. X-Pac® RX line is 100% climate neutral and contains 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric.

Ripstop Nylon

It’s in the name! This nifty fabric is woven into the lining of all our bags, and it uses a special reinforcing technique that makes our bags resistant to tearing and ripping, ensuring your ALPAKA bag will look fresher and cleaner for longer.

Magnetic Buckles and Latches


This proprietary buckle was created by us together with an American design company. Only the best for our ALPAKA customers. This magnetic slider is convenient, sleek and easy to use. Magnetic Magic.


We are proud to say that a lot of our accessories and bags also use the world-renowned German made Fidlock magnets.


Our bags use standard and waterproof zippers from YKK, allowing a no-fuss feature on our bags that on other bags, can be temperamental.


Our straps are designed with durability in mind. After all, it is what you use to take your bag with you from place to place. Easy to adjust to whatever your preference may be.

If any of what you have just read excites and intrigues you as much as it does us, we would encourage you to have a peruse of our catalogue, so that you can see we put our money where our mouth is. ALPAKA products are truly one of a kind, and we’d love for you to see it for yourselves. Sleek, durable and functional products, all designed to help you KEEP MOVING FORWARD™.

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