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Article: 7 Bags To Bring For Your Epic Summer Adventures

7 Bags To Bring For Your Epic Summer Adventures

7 Bags To Bring For Your Epic Summer Adventures

From booking your flights to packing your luggage, planning for your epic summer adventure can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Whether you’re traveling to the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, you’ll need the right bags to keep you organized and prepared for the different terrains. Here are 7 bags that has got you covered—in style, functionality, and durability—to keep you moving forward and having smooth sailing travels.

1. Bravo Sling Mini Waterproof 

The elements may throw their worst at you, but with the Bravo Sling Mini Waterproof by your side, nothing can hold you down. Crafted from high-performance waterproof fabric, this compact sling keeps your belongings safe and dry, while its thoughtfully designed compartments provide easy access to your essentials. Whether you're strolling through a summer shower or exploring a misty mountaintop, this bag is your trusty companion.

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2. Elements Tote

With its modern design and spacious compartments, the Elements Tote is perfect for beach days and city tours. It accommodates your laptop, beach towel, sunscreen, and all the essentials for a day of exploration. Say goodbye to frantically rummaging through your bag - the Elements Tote keeps everything in its place. It can also withstand daily wear and tear thanks to its weatherproof material.

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3. Elements Travel Backpack

The Elements Travel Backpack‘s sleek and intelligent build makes it ideal for any trip, whether you're backpacking through Europe or camping in the mountains. It has multiple compartments, making it a breeze to stay organized on your summer escapades. From a padded laptop sleeve to expandable pockets, this bag accommodates all your tech gadgets and travel necessities. The water-resistant fabric keeps your belongings safe, and the padded shoulder straps ensure comfort even during long journeys. 

Shop Elements Travel Backpack

4. Modular Sling

For those who like to stay organized and travel light, then the Modular Sling is the bag for you. This innovative sling bag features modular carry styles with its detachable strap, so you can carry it as a crossbody or attach it to a backpack loop. Great for keeping your phone and other travel must-haves close to you.

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5. ARK Bifold Passport Wallet

With designated slots for passports, cards, and even a pen, the ARK Bifold Passport Wallet lets you breeze through airport checkpoints. Leave no room for clutter and travel in style with this sleek passport wallet. It's made with high-quality materials that protect your belongings during your commute, while the RFID-blocking technology, keeps your personal information safe.

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6. Vertical Sling

Perfect for carrying your phone, wallet, and sunglasses during a day trip or a casual stroll, the Vertical Sling is style and functionality all-in-one. Its roomy main compartment can hold your valuables, and the front and back pockets can store your phone, keys, and other essentials. Its weather-resistant materials also shield it from accidental splashes and bumps.

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7. Travel Packing Cube 

No matter where your adventures take you, add the Travel Packing Cube for a stress-free packing routine. This cube features premium Japanese odor-absorbing mesh that eliminates unwanted smells, making it perfect for storing clothes, shoes, toiletries, and more. It has an 8-liter capacity but it's also space-saving thanks to its compression zippers, so it doesn’t take up much room in your luggage. 

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With these 7 cool bags from ALPAKA, you'll be well-equipped to navigate any destination with ease, just focus on creating those unforgettable memories. So, pack your bags, your summer adventures await.

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