A Day in the Life with ALPAKA

ALPAKA products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday. Imagine a world where you never have to worry about losing your keys while on the go, keeping your essentials organised or having enough room to carry what you need. With our line of compact bags and travel accessories we make it easy for you to stay focus on what matter most throughout the day.


8 am - Head to work

Protect your laptop with our Elements Laptop Sleeve and place inside your Elements Backpack. Pack your Elements Tech Case with your everyday essentials, cables, etc. The Elements Tech Case is designed to keep your work gear organized. The Elements Backpack is the perfect size for everyday. 

Grab your keys, office pass & hand sanitizer from the HUB Mod Panel.


9 am - Reach office

Tag on using your HUB Cardholder.

Sanitize your hands before starting work.

9:15 - Getting down to business

Access your gear from the Elements Tech Case. Keep it organized and easy for a quick pack up.

Access your stationary set from the Zip Clutch or Zip Pouch Max.

12 am - Lunch time

Paying with your card stored in the Ark Card Wallet.

5 pm - Return home

Store all HUB accessories on your HUB Mod Panel.

6 pm - Head out to the city

Switch to your Bravo Sling Mini or Modular Sling to carry your essentials and keep your hands free and pockets empty.