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Water Resistant Backpack For Travel

Do You Need A Water-Resistant Backpack For Travel?

No matter where you go, everywhere encounters rain at some point. So, make sure your belongings are kept safe with one of our lightweight, water-resistant backpack for travel, exploring, hiking, or just to carry everything safely wherever you are.

How Our Water Resistant Travel Backpacks Keep You Safe & Dry

Backpacks are super important when you’re travelling, especially if you’ve got a lot of things to carry. A Travel backpack with water-resistant material can expand their internal compartments by 10L to carry 30L worth of equipment, cameras, clothes and more. All while sitting comfortably on your back, relieving the pressure from your shoulders.

The high-quality materials will keep your belongings dry, even in the wettest of weather. This is an important feature you should be looking out for if you’re planning on carrying any form of technology or electronics. Even if you’re just carrying clothes, no one wants to have to change into wet clothes, especially if the clothes you’re wearing are already wet. When you get wet, all you want is some dry clothes to change into but, without a water-resistant bag, that might not be an option.

You might be worried that a backpack would be more susceptible to pickpockets and damage as you can’t keep an eye on it. The high-quality materials on our theft proof sling bag is slash-proof, meaning that even a knife won’t cut through. If a knife can’t cut through then, while you’re hiking, brambles won’t reach your belongings either. The padding in the bag will prevent any other damage so they’re completely safe from anything the outdoors throws at you, even trips and falls.

Water Resistance Isn't The Only Feature Of Our Travel Backpack

There are loads of different compartments in this water-resistant backpack for travel, designed to carry different items. For example, there’s one to fit your laptop or tablet comfortably and to minimise any damage. There’s one for your cables, chargers, and other small items. There’s also one ready to fit your camera or drone if you need that. There’s even a pocket on the strap to carry money and cards for easy access. If you need more, take a look into our other accessories such as a bottle holder, tactical pouch, and tech sleeve.

They’re not just for travel adventures, backpacks are great to use in everyday life. If you’ve got heavy things to carry around regularly, our xl sling backpack can distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders, reducing any aches or pains you might get from other bags. If you’re cycling to work, you want a bag which will stay out of the way while you’re on your bike, so you don’t get into any accidents because of it. They’re useful wherever you go.

Free Shipping, Afterpay & Lifetime Warranty On Our Water Resistant Backpacks For Travel

Just like you were here for us when we were just a crowdfunded Kickstarter, we’re here for you. We want to make sure you’re happy with your bag, so we use only the best materials, the newest technology, and the most innovative anti-theft devices. We’re so confident in our service to you that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all ALPAKA travel bag products as well as free shipping in over 15 countries.

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