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XL Sling Backpack

Origins Of Our Essential XL Sling Backpack

Our durable and stylish Alpha XL sling backpack is what it’s all about. ALPAKA is thrilled to present our brand new extra-large sling backpack which is hand made from only the finest, most resistant materials. We make backpacks for the modern generation of urban dwellers who love nothing more than escaping to distant lands for lifechanging adventures. This backpack is the ultimate accessory for every travel and adventure fanatic!

Our founders Jin and Ramiro both came from very diverse and interesting backgrounds. The two of them are immigrants who had life science careers before they met each other while undergoing their Master's Degree in Commerce in Melbourne. Jin and Ramiro have a shared passion for entrepreneurship, solving problems, fashion, and sustainability. All of this sparked the idea for a unique backpack brand. After over 18 months of tirelessly designing, they were able to finally produce their very first travel backpack prototype. Everything down to the photographers and videographers for the ALPAKA Kickstarter campaign was paid for out of their own pockets. By nothing more than sheer passion and determination, ALPAKA was born at the end of 2016.

Why You Need an Extra Large Sling Backpack

Carrying all your valuable tech gear in one stylish sling messenger backpack is the best way to safely transport all your essentials wherever you go. Whether you’re off to work, heading on a plane or hiking through the woods, you’ll never have to leave anything behind when you own an extra-large sling-style backpack. Having an ALPAKA bag in your arsenal will make sure that you’re prepared for every eventuality. Rationing backpack space will be a thing of the past when you have all the room of an ALPAKA sling bag to help you carry your belonging from one place to another. Effortlessly go from work to adventure with one durable, stylish and secure bag.

We want nothing to get in the way of owning a modern and good looking bag so that’s why we offer free shipping on all of our products. There really is no excuse not to invest in the only travel sling bag you’ll ever need. What’s more, we’re so confident in the durability of our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects.

Treat Yourself to a XL Sling Backpack Today

Why wait to start carrying your important tech gear and essentials in a safe and stylish way? We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with our clean and cool backpack and bag designs. Our second to none customer service team that we have coupled with our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects means there has never been a better time to buy a xl sling backpack! You can rest assured knowing that your backpack has been expertly designed with your modern life in mind. Everything we do is to make sure your travel needs are met. Browse our range of top quality backpacks and bags today and find the perfect one for you.

XL Sling Backpack

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