We're In Business To Do Good

Our Reason For Being

At ALPAKA, we’re conscious and aware that we are a part of nature. We create goods and in turn, that creates waste. As humans, we bare great responsibility to how we treat the home we share with other earthlings. So in our efforts to do better business, we plant 1 tree for every bag purchased and donate 1% of our revenue to environmental causes and non-profits that are doing great things and make the world a better place.

We’re a small company with big dreams and ambitions and although we live in a big city, we also love the outdoors. This is why we create high quality goods that thrive in both urban and natural areas.

Our journey has been a real challenge. But with every road-block and every fall, we’ve always managed the get back up and keep moving forward. It’s in our DNA.

Core Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by two passionate individuals and the toned down, minimal style we love. Our product design outlook comes shows our inclination to merge form and function.

We firmly believe that how you respond to adversity defines who you are. Keep moving forward.

An underrated virtue. Placing ourselves in others’ shoes is essential to understanding and communicating effectively.

Performing everything you with passion and to the best of your ability will result in a win for everyone.

Inspire others to leave this planet better than we found it.

Be transparent and honest in all of our actions.

Customer First
Make a positive impact on their lives by putting their needs first


To bring our products to life, we work with carefully selected suppliers around the world that we constantly foster to meet our high standards. We've partnered with a small factory in Shenzhen, China, that is able to produce high quality goods with our Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing methodology. The tight partnership between us and our suppliers allow us to produce the highest quality products possible, and passing these quality standards to the customers in the form of lifetime repair guarantee on all the products purchased from our website (www.alpakagear.com).

As part of our effort to reduce waste, we not only work with large global suppliers that have a good record of waste reduction strategy, but at the same time we have also implemented our own waste minimisation strategies to reduce waste. The waste reduction plan we have implemented so far are:

  1. Increase the use of up-cycled materials in our products.
  2. Use production methods that decrease waste materials.
  3. Purchase new manufacturing equipments that are more power efficient than previous generation machines.
  4. Reduce power usage in the factory.
  5. Reduce use of air conditioning in the office.
  6. Reduce use of energy in transportation by locating more of staff accomodation, factory and offices within a 0.1 km radius.


Our current manufacturing partner has around 25 employees and we have worked with them since 2017. We have invested in our own JUKI digital sewing machine, laser fabric cutting machine, and Brother full computer controlled pattern sewing machines. These state of the art equipments allow us to increase our output, and at the same time decrease our defect rates.

Worker's Benefits

Worker’s employment condition and benefits are something we take seriously at ALPAKA. We believe that everyone who works for ALPAKA should be treated as best as possible.

All our office employees and the factory workers are paid at a wage level that is 40% higher than the Shenzhen market equivalent. We also have work from home option for office employees that have young children. All staff are given free accomodation and food.

We have also chosen to give our staff the highest level of healthcare, accident and retirement insurance, so that they can work with a peace of mind knowing that they are always covered.