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Travel Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

The Must-Have Travel Backpack with Laptop Sleeve

ALPAKA doesn’t manufacture just any old backpacks. We take a huge amount of pride in our travel backpack with laptop sleeve. After launching a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, ALPAKA came to life in the latter part of 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. We're incredibly proud to be a crowdfunded company. Our main focus might be travel bags, but we don’t just provide any kind of bag. Creating highly functional travel bags that are both durable and good looking is our primary focus and goal.

Here at ALPAKA GEAR work bags, we aim to design and manufacture backpacks for laptops and travel that empower your journey so you can have the best time possible. We wholeheartedly believe in creating laptop travel backpacks that will inspire you to live your best life and go on unforgettable adventures. Wherever you plan to explore, we want you to be able to take a travel laptop backpack with you to many corners of the earth.

The Best Backpacks for Laptops and Travel

We know that our laptop travel backpack is one of the best on the market because we’re solving problems by combining a progressive style with ergonomic design and technical fabrics in the most sustainable way we possibly can. There’s no one else who understands how to design a backpack for modern life and international exploration like we do.

All the travel laptop backpack designs we manufacture come from our vision of what stunning aesthetics and great functionality should be. Our bags for laptops and travel are made by hand and inspired by the ever-evolving needs of modern living. Every travel laptop backpack we design and manufacture is minimal with urban life at the forefront of our minds. Not only that, but the materials we use are also durable and versatile enough for short outdoor adventures.

The heart of ALPAKA is focused on the idea of expertly engineering the best products possible. We love nothing more than providing an extraordinary experience for a new and exciting generation of resilient thinkers, doers, and creatives as they embark on their adventures. Our roll top travel backpacks are designed to integrate seamlessly into your life and support your ambitions.

Our Travel Backpack Comes With A Laptop Sleeve And Many Other Features

If you want unique, stylish and functional backpacks for laptops and travel, look no further than ALPAKA backpacks. No one does anti-theft, high-quality travel bags with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and free shipping like we do. Our travel backpack with laptop sleeve is perfect for both urban work life as well as adventures that take you off the beaten track into new and exciting places.

ALPAKA's slash proof travel backpack allows you to carry your essentials and tech gear in a safe and stylish way. With our cool and clean design, you’ll want to take your laptop travel bag with you everywhere you go. Purchasing from ALPAKA is something you won’t regret so view our range of amazing bags with laptop sleeves today and give yourself the joy of traveling in style.

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#color_Black | X-Pac VX42
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26L / Fits a 16" MacBook, water bottle, umbrella
Limited Edition#color_Black | X-Pac VX21
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#color_Black | Axoflux 600D
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