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Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Why ALPAKA Has The Best Anti Theft Laptop Backpack on the Market

Think of any photos from vacations that you have ever seen from the nineteen eighties and you are pretty much guaranteed to see a belt bag or bum bag or fanny pack wrapped around the waist of the people featured. At the time they were somewhat convenient but there is no getting around the fact that they were clumsy and basically a target for thieves everywhere. Backpacks became the go-to alternative for another generation, but today the ultimate in style, safety and functionality is the anti-theft laptop backpack.

At ALPAKA GEAR work bags, our mission is to create clean and cool designs that are reliable, durable and will deliver the peak of security for each of our customers. This is backed up by our wonderful customer service and we also throw in a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, which assures you that you are getting a high-quality solution with the potential to last you for decades.

We were tired of settling for what was readily available on the market and decided to take action. We wanted to create a better design that achieved the very best of security standards and, most importantly, was created using the most sustainable methods accessible to us. The supremely fashionable tablet sling bags and slash proof travel backpacks that you are now likely noticing on city streets throughout the USA and around the world are ours and we know that once you have tried them, you will never look back.

The Advantage of an Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Travel in the past was much simpler. You probably only had to bring some clothes, a map, and some books with you in addition to your disposable camera. Today, however, things are ironically made a little more complicated by the very items that afford us so many conveniences. Our smartphones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras and all kinds of wearable technology are incredible, but the cost of acquiring them means that our sensitivity to theft and crime is heightened.

Here at ALPAKA, we recognized the need for a solution designed with 21st-century living in mind. We are proud to say that we have created what many consider to be the best anti-theft laptop backpack and sling bag solutions.

What you gain once you have one is a solution that negates the possibility of falling victim to crimes that are unfortunately more common than many think. There are so many instances of slash-and-run crime every year, which involves a thief using a blade of some description to rip a hole in a bag and slip the laptop or tablet or other valuables out without the knowledge or awareness of the owner.

While you will always find detractors that will speak to the recognition of a sling bag or a laptop backpack that is designed to prevent this as a signal that there are valuables within, the truth is that in the mind of the criminal they know that getting them out will be a much more difficult task, with a greater possibility of being caught.

Our Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Comes With Lifetime Warranty

Sometimes you simply can’t limit what you must bring with you when you travel. As such, having a bag that enables you to take your laptop and everything else you must keep safe with you is imperative. What we have created is an alternative that affords you this possibility and bolsters it with a security standard that is second-to-none.

At ALPAKA, our anti theft laptop backpack is the ultimate choice for those that appreciate style, functionality, quality and anti-theft features all seamlessly blended into one superior solution. We back our products and provide a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects. Sign up to our newsletter for 10% off your first order, which will be shipped throughout the USA at no additional cost.

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