Keep your Mind Active with these Online Classes

Quarantine has presented us with a strange gift, the gift of time. Many of us now find ourselves with more time on our hands than we know what to do with, and frankly, finding ways to use it all up can be a tad daunting. With YouTube and the internet, your choices appear to be seemingly endless. Well, for those of you keen on adding a new skill to that resume, or just looking for a fun, educational way to spend your days, we have assembled the perfect list for you. We have compiled for you cool and interesting things to learn, and where to go learn them. At your fingertips awaits language, art, music and so much more! Let’s dive in.


Free Online Photography Classes, Nikon

For the entire month of April, Nikon has on offer an entire range of free photography classes, to help inspire and educate all you snap-happy folks out there. Nikon has uploaded ten free classes, each with a duration of about 45 minutes, and ranging on a whole variety of topics, from the best way to photograph your kids and pets, to the best ways to shoot a music video. Nikon even has tutorials on taking landscape photography, the perfect excuse to leave your house for a while and take a relaxing nature walk. From novice to pro, Nikon’s classes are for everyone and will remind you to keep your eyes peeled for the beauty in life that makes the perfect photo.


Free Music Lessons, Fender

That’s right…absolutely free! Become the next Jimi Hendrix or Brian May in no time. All you’ve gotta do is create an account and you’re set to rock and roll (literally!). This three-month offer includes ‘bite-sized lessons’ in stunning professional quality videos that track your progress as you go on. The best part of all this is that you learn by playing the songs you already love. Any device, anywhere, anytime. _campaign=FPT&utm_content=top


Free Art Classes, MoMA

The world-famous Museum of Modern Art in New York is offering nine ‘Courses and Specializations’ to help you think of art in more new and innovative ways. With courses such as ‘modern art and ideas’, ‘post-war abstract painting’, and ‘fashion as design’, MoMa is attempting to shed light on the past to help reinvent the ways in which you think of the present, to highlight the innumerable ways art has influenced the world and shaken up the rules society lives by. For an utterly breathtaking time, take these courses. L5HPStwNw-4AREAKT5IzPxrg7LxtKGcw&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw- 4AREAKT5IzPxrg7LxtKGcw&utm_content=10&utm_medium=partners&utm_source=li nkshare&utm_campaign=TnL5HPStwNw


Take up a new language with Duolingo

It’s never too late to begin a new language, and with Duolingo by your side, you can begin right away. One of the world’s forefront language apps, Duolingo has made learning a new language, something that can appear to be quite overwhelming. Duolingo utilises fun game-like activities to teach vocabulary, so learning doesn’t become a chore. With a stunning array of different languages to choose from, and with a cute, cartoon owl professor by your side, with Duolingo you can’t go wrong. This is sure to come in handy in your future trips.



Now is your time to learn from the best of the best. MasterClass is an online experience that offers classes in a variety of things ranging from interior design to singing to tennis to acting! However, these are no ordinary online classes. With MasterClass, you will be instructed by those regarded as the absolute masters of their respective fields. Interested in becoming an actor? Natalie Portman will show you how. Wanting to hone your writing skills? Margaret Atwood will teach you the art of creative writing. Interested in the restaurant business? Gordon Ramsay will (calmly and quietly!) show you everything you need to know. The advice you receive and the knowledge you will learn is truly masterful. Insider tips from those who have done it already! And if all this sounds too good to be true, it’s about to get better, because MasterClass currently has an offer going, where you and your lucky friend can acquire two annual memberships (which gets you access to all the classes) for the price of one.