Josh Kua - Violinist, Melbourne, Australia

In our 9th volume of Chronicles, we're sharing the story of Josh Kua. Josh is a genre-defying violinist & composer from Australia, of Chinese Malaysian heritage. From studying law on scholarship to performing his music on international stages and fronting magazine covers, Josh is pushing the boundaries of what a modern musician can be. 

In his bold quest for experimentation and intimacy, Josh’s musicality has translated to international gigs, TV appearances and exclusive performances for numerous luxury and fashion houses, solidifying his presence as a mainstay in both entertainment and style across the Asia Pacific.

Through his boundary-pushing blend of contemporary classical electronica, violinist Josh Kua is poised for take-off as an artist igniting a musical revolution. His latest piece of work, 'Sail Away,' is an enthralling sonic journey that takes listeners to realms previously unchartered. Emotion and exploration in equal measures, Sail Away radiates melancholic beauty while touching on themes of finding one’s true life path. Think trip-hop vibes meets classical – it’s deep, it’s groovy and highly sensual.

Inspired by Kua's own experiences of being in perpetual flux, Sail Away details the bittersweet ups and downs of habitually flying out of his home city, Melbourne, to pursue life overseas.

"Sail Away represents removing yourself from a situation, be it  physically or mentally, in order to find your path forward. Often our biggest battles are with our own thought patterns – one’s perception of one’s own reality."

Josh's signature look is a mix of the traditional and modern. He integrates our bags in his everyday carry, but he keeps it simple with just two: The Elements Backpack as his convenient carry-on. 

Then there’s also always Bravo Sling Mini - Josh says this little guy has become his go-to for daily activities when he just wants to take his everyday essentials.

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