The Winner of the EDC Giveaway is...

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. We finally drew the winner of the giveaway. Drumroll please...

Entries closed last week, but here's the deal. 

We partnered with a broad range of our favourite brands, from outdoor gear to blue-light blocking glasses, to bring you a prize pack valued at almost $800. Not bad, right?

Today, we randomly picked the lucky winner. And that is: Ryan Chua! 

That’s right mate, you’ve just won:

ALPAKA Gift Card ($250)

Tactica Gear M100X & M250 Multitools ($100)

Zendure Supertank Powerbank ($179)

Aggregate Watches Masonic Watch ($175)

Barner Brand Chroma Collection Glasses ($72)


Total Prize Value: $776USD


Huge thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Please keep a look out for our comps and giveaways in the future and in the meantime, get out there and keep moving forward!