Behind the Scenes at the Atom X Sling Manufacturing Process

All ALPAKA products are manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail in our factory.

Our design process consists of:

  • Drawing up several designs
  • Settling on an external design
  • Plan internal organisation
  • Have a final 2D and 3D drawing 
  • Order fabrics and parts
  • Produce several prototypes
  • Test durability, waterproofness and usability
  • Go into production

With the Atom X Sling, we decided to do a short pre-order (3 weeks) and ship almost immediately after pre-orders end (a week after). We could only do this with a smaller bag that has a shorter production cycle. 

The Atom X Sling comes in 2 types of external fabrics. Both fabrics are extremely hardwearing and weatherproof. 

We're excited to be able to use X-Pac in the Atom X Sling. We'll have a dedicated blog post on this type of material soon.

Here is a short video we produced recently showing the stitching and assembly of the new Atom X Sling:

We use a combination of laser cutting and machine stitching to cut and sew the bags. See the video below:

Pre-orders are set to ship on or just after the 30th of June. Atom X Sling will be available to order shortly thereafter.