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7ven MESSENGER bag

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Mission: ALPAKA's mission is to merge form with function in every product they design and make. 

Why we started alpaka

ALPAKA was formed because we believed that many lifestyle products could be better designed for everyday use.

The concept for the 7ven Messenger bag came about when we were both tired of having to switch bags for work, but then also had activities planned (or unplanned) after work. We wanted to create a versatile, functional, and beautiful everyday bag that looked elegant for work AND also casual enough to be taken anywhere else. Whether you take the 7ven Messenger to work, on a weekend getaway or just exploring your city, the 7ven Messenger is perfect for everyday use. 


ALPAKA was founded in 2013 by two friends in Melbourne, Australia. We share a passion for fashion, technology and design. We also love to travel and explore the world, but at the same time we are young professionals who are immersed in the modern digital culture of the 21st Century. With this in mind, we realized that the current range of carry products (i.e. bags) have not really kept up with the world we live in, nor are they suitable for those who are looking to use one bag for both work AND play. Most of us are not one-dimensional individuals, but rather have varied, complex lifestyles. So we end up buying several bags to fit those needs. We really wanted a bag that could fulfil several of these needs, in order to eliminate the necessity to own many bags. In recognition to the shortcomings of today's bags, we have set out to design and produce a range of backpacks/messenger bags that focus on function, quality, aesthetics and are in tune with modern day life. But we won’t stop with just making incredible bags; we will continue to create cutting edge products and our range will expand to everything ‘carry’ and 'lifestyle': from wallets, to backpacks, to smart water bottles. Our first bag is called the 7ven Messenger.


The 7ven Messenger is the first bag that adapts to your life. It's a versatile urban bag made for everyday use. Its clean design allows the bag to adjust to almost any situation. We believe that a true everyday bag must be high quality and versatile. Most bags do one or two things well, but they don't cater for several activities. When we designed the 7ven Messenger, we wanted it to be a bag that you could use every day of the week. Whether you're using it for work, travel, photography, biking or even running, it adapts to your needs. 

It has TEN unique features:

  1. Expandable internal volume: By simply adjusting the front flap of the bag, you can carry as little or as much as you need.
  2. Protected internal storage: Protecting your precious digital equipments from everyday bumps and drops.
  3. Stable enough for almost any activity: We designed the 7ven Messenger bag with a magnetic coupling chest stabilizer, so that the bag can stay in place during high performance activities (cycling, hiking, running).
  4. Triangular shape for upright stability: It's shape was designed for a reason - it prevents the bag from tipping over and it gives you increased internal storage space.
  5. Tripod or umbrella storage: Using the special magnetic latching system, you can carry a camera tripod or umbrella with speed and ease.
  6. Magnetic Latching System: Quick release magnetic latches for improved usability of the bag.
  7. Separate front pocket tech organizer: The tech storage on the front of the bag allows you to keep all of your tech gear and cables well organized.
  8. Wide padded strap: Great for increased comfort on longer trips.
  9. Phone pocket with wireless charging supported.
  10. Hidden Compartments: Hidden pockets for storing your phone, passport and other valuables.



Jin Li (Co-founder) 

Whenever Jin is not travelling between Shanghai and Melbourne, he enjoys sipping on a cup of coffee. He's an avid bag and laptop collector, as these are his two passions. Jin is known to own a huge collection of ThinkPads, and is a brand ambassador for Lenovo. Jin left both his Master's Degree and well paid job in order to pursue his dream of starting a company that is at the cutting edge of design and technology. He saw an opportunity when he met Ramiro and realized they were both having the same problem with bags. This is how ALPAKA was born.

Ramiro Gomez (Co-founder)

Having lived in 3 different countries across two continents by the age of 23, the travel bug is in Ramiro's blood. He loves staying active and doing anything that involves being outdoors. He also has a passion for technology, fashion, and design. One of Ramiro's greatest drives is being able to create something that is not only beautiful, but also functional at its core. This is the motto of ALPAKA.


"Good design is a marriage of form and function." - Jin Li

"Great products should make your life simple, and not more complex. We created the ALPAKA 7ven messenger bag to make your everyday life simple and fun." - Jin Li

"21st Century is about visiting the old, and finding the new." - Jin Li

"When we designed the 7ven messenger, we focused on the most essential parts. We wanted to create a bag that you could use everyday that was both functional and aesthetic. This is what the 7ven messenger is all about." - Ramiro Gómez

"We are incredibly excited to launch the 7ven messenger bag. It makes everyday carry more efficient by blending form and function into one. It's the perfect bag for both work AND play."  - Ramiro Gómez