In the last post I talked about what minimalism means to us (ALPAKA) and how this inspired the design of the bag. As promised, I’m discussing the features of the bag and why it is a bag suited for both work AND play.

Adapts to carry all of your gear

  • Padded Laptop Sleeve: It comes with a padded laptop sleeve set in the back of the bag in order to keep your laptop safe and secure from theft. It will also protect it in the case that you happen to drop your bag, since the sleeve, the back and the bottom of the bag are padded.
  • Easily carry your tripod: If you're a photographer, you'll be able to carry your tripod with ease. The bag is expandable and contains magnetic couplings that allow you to easily store gear by just unhooking the couplings. You can even carry your yoga mat.
Carry your tripod

Carry your tripod

Smart, easy to access layout

  • Quick access front compartment: There is a front compartment for you to quickly access your frequently used gear.
  • Hidden back compartment: There's a hidden compartment on the back of bag where you can store all your valuables (wallet, phone, keys, etc.) and it even has space for your tablet.
  • Plenty of pockets: We know how important it is to have pockets to store all of your gear. You have charging cables, headphones, portable chargers, pens, etc. That's why there is a dedicated compartment to keep all of your tech gear neatly organized.

Loves to fly

  • Attaches to your luggage: Integrated luggage sleeve for easy transport along airports.
  • Carry-on approved: It's approved for carry-on by all major airlines and it fits comfortably under airplane seats.
Concealed luggage passthrough in the back

Concealed luggage passthrough in the back


Premium Materials

  • High quality weatherproof material: Weatherproof 1200D ballistic nylon not only protects your gear from getting wet, it also gives the bag an elegant, minimalist feel.
  • Rip-stop lining: The inside of the bag comes with durable, high end rip-stop lining. It looks great and will last a lifetime.
  • Strap: We opted to use a wide thick strap for comfort and durability when using the bag. It has an integrated quick access pocket for your keys, USB or SD card and it also comes equipped with a removable shoulder padding for extra comfort.

Innovative Closure System

  • Magnetic coupling system: The bag is fitted with quick release magnetic fasteners that are very easy to use and also allow the bag to be expanded when carrying extra gear.

What makes it a bag for work and play?

So what makes a bag suitable for work but also casual enough to take anywhere else?

The 7ven bag was designed with an elegant look for work but can also adapt to any casual situation. Here's why it works in both scenarios:

Carry style

The bag can be worn as a messenger bag, a shoulder bag or if you're going into an important meeting: a carry bag, briefcase style.

Minimalist design

The black minimalist design of the bag is one of the main reasons why it can be used in a work environment and also in a more relaxed occasion.


The bag is packed with several compartments that can store all of your tech gear, including a padded laptop sleeve. 15 pockets that can be used to neatly organize all of your gear and a dedicated compartment to store cables and chargers.


The materials used for the bag give it an air of high quality:

  • The outer part of the bag is made out of weatherproof 1200D ballistic nylon. It makes the bag look stylish. It is also a very tough and durable material but it is very easy to clean.
  • The inner lining is comprised of light high-end ripstop nylon. The light grey colour makes your belongings very easy to find.
  • The carry handle and bottom corners of the bag are made of high-end french leather, which give the 7ven bag an extra touch of class.


The bag is a mix of a messenger and a duffle bag and has a triangular shape that allows the bag to stand on its own without tipping over. This shape also gives the bag plenty of space to store your clothes, documents and your laptop without making it look bulky.

Clean profile

Clean profile



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